32 thoughts on “January 9, 2017: 2017 Guest DJ and FKB sign-up”

  1. I will DJ.

    I can also do FKB but I can't think of anything at the moment so feel free to bump me.

    1. all yours. thanks for the reminder.

      FKB's a bit hard to track, but i'm going to try to keep on top of it. i'm thinking i'm going to set up automated reminders this time around. that way i won't forget to send them out and everyone should get plenty of notice.

      (hmm, should probably do the same thing for DJ slots, to be honest.)

    1. Related: The PR is at the OB today. She says the doc says the baby is healthy and "long". The kid's going to be built like me, it looks more and more like.

  2. Did I miss a FKB I was supposed to complete? I'll do one, but I'm quite absent-minded.

      1. The Emeritus pinch-hit for me in December, which was just as well. So I owe you a post.

  3. I'll take one of each. I think I also forgot my FKB. Can I get Hungry Joe to promise he'll set up reminders in response to this LTE too?

  4. MN Department of Revenue has the worst hold music I've ever experienced. It is literally 3 bars of computer generated muzak, then interrupted by the "wait for the next available representative" over and over and over. The loop was far far too short.

    But the guy who finally answered was remarkably helpful. So there's that.

  5. I'll gladly pick up a FKB slot.

    My DJ week in 2016 was pretty sweet, but I'm happy to let others have their turn at it this year.

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