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I feel like I tend to do a lot of cooking in these brutal winter months. I'm sure I don't actually cook more (maybe I bake more?), but something about it seems to... fill the time in a way it doesn't in the summer. Summer cooking is easy. Winter cooking feels more purposeful. In the summer, I can put on whatever tunes I need for cooking to, because anything can fit. In the winter? I'm not quite sure. I often still use the same old Rat Pack songs, but those are happier, lighter, summery songs. I'm sure I'll be doing some baking of some sort this weekend, so help me out... what music should I be cooking to in the winter? Is it different for you too?

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  1. Sunday mornings I like to listen to music and read the news. In the winter I listen to jazz and in the summer I listen to country.

    Saw the Rank Strangers last night at my local bar. About 20 white guys with ages ranging from 45-55 were there. Maybe 3 wives/ girlfriends. It was glorious. Like a little tribe of middle age pals getting together on a cold Thursday night.

    Patti Smith playing at Northrop March 8 performing Horses in its entirety. I got a 10th row ticket through presale but I might see if about getting another ticket at the public sale at 10:00 today.

    1. "Jazz" seems broad... anything specific? I've kind of been tuning in the classical MPR station a little more lately, but it's not quite hitting the right spot.

          1. I have a Mingus track on the same compilation that has Alice and Pharaoh, and meant to track down more by him, but never saw any used ones in the store. (And buying new for "dabbling" is just a way to end up with their worst album at full price.)
            The song was "Hora Decubitus" from Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus*, and it swings a bit too much for the contemplative "Sunday Morning Jazz" I was looking for.

            *Not quite "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo," but still impressive.

              1. Meant to comment on this the other day... "At least one?" I was under the impression the number was one? ...?

            1. Um, no. Dolphy played sax, clarinet, flute and piccolo.

              And since Frightwig ain't coming through that door to set you straight, you are probably thinking of Rashaan Roland Kirk--though to call him the King of the Nose Flute is belittling to him and incredibly short-sighted on your part. 😉

              And just so you're aware, he's no relation to Captain Kirk.

              1. yea, you are probably right. I could have sworn that you or 'wig once played a vid here (or the old basement) featuring Eric Dolphy playing nose flute.

      1. Figures I'd miss the jazz discussion. If you're still interested, here are a few of my favorites not mentioned above & below (co-signs on Mingus, Monk, Miles, 'Trane, Bill Evans, and Oliver Nelson):

        Oscar Peterson
        Modern Jazz Quartet
        Mary Lou Williams
        Nina Simone
        Enrico Rava
        Charles Lloyd
        Ibrahim Maalouf
        Anouar Brahem
        Tomasz Stanko
        Tord Gustavsen

          1. Not sure how you listen (streaming, or what), but I'd be happy to share a recommendation or two for each of the above if you're interested.

            1. I am interested.

              I mostly listen on pandora, but that doesn't give me enough control for this kind of thing, so youtube ends up being my go-to. Feel free to send 'em to me at matthew b novak (all one word) at the google mail. It will be much appreciated.

    2. Mankato's KDOG used to have a jazz show on Sunday mornings, so that's always felt like the right music for the time, though I haven't done that much lately. Having to get four kids ready for 9am mass requires more pep.
      To answer Phil's question, I go with what I have: Oliver Nelson's Blues and the Abstract Truth, Trane's A Love Supreme, Duke Ellington's Anatomy of a Murder, some Alice and Pharaoh tracks on compliations.

    3. Patti Smith playing at Northrop March 8 performing Horses in its entirety.

      Thought one: jealousy.
      Thought two: we are old. This is like going to a museum to examine the relics of our youth. I am reminded of the John Legend character's words to Seb in LaLa Land:

      Keith: How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you're such a traditionalist? You hold onto the past, but jazz* is about the future.

      *Yes, I know Patti Smith is not a "jazz" artist. Not the point here.

      1. No doubt. One, I'm definitely not a revolutionary. Two, I'm checking boxes here: See the artist before it's too late.

        Btw, I secured 3rd row tix so I have 1 10th row ticket available. Let me know if interested otherwise it's going up on StubHub

          1. Drop me a line if you want my Row L Central Orchestra ticket( on the Aisle). It was $64 with the fees.

            1. Is it just the one? A couple of us were gonna try for tix. Let me see if they had better luck than I. (And cool of you to offer.)

  2. 01. “D.A.R.L.I.N.G.” – Beach HouseDevotion
    02. “Shuggie” – FoxygenWe Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
    03. “Wanna Be Cool” – Donnie Trumpet & The Social ExperimentSurf
    04. “Rich” – Yeah Yeah YeahsFever To Tell
    05. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” – NirvanaIn Utero
    06. “Easy Beat” – Dr. DogEasy Beat
    07. “Threads” – PortisheadThird
    08. “Magnolia” – J.J. CaleNaturally
    09. “Go Sadness” – Shout Out LoudsHowl Howl Gaff Gaff
    10. “Don’t Understand That Man” – U.S. GirlsGEM

  3. I removed the holiday music from my iPod last night... First shuffle without it.

    1. Horse Lords “Side B: Si Vous Nous Empécher de Rêver, On Vous Empechera de Dormir” Mixtape Vol.2
    2. Bobby Bare “I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For”* Darker than Light
    3. Lydia Loveless “Head” Somewhere Else
        a. Black-billed Cuckoo “Calls” (Cornell Essential Set)
    4. Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “May Life Throw You a Pleasant Curve” Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties*
        b. House Finch* “Song” (Cornell Master Set)
        c. Lapland Longspur “Song” (Cornell Essential Set)
        d. Great Gray Owl “Male Territorial Hooting Calls” (Cornell Master Set)
        e. White-winged Crossbill “Calls” (Cornell Essential Set)
    5. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “No More Workhorse Blues” Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music

    6. Stars of the Lid “Hibener Toujours” Stars of the Lid and Their Refinement of the Decline
    7. F--- Buttons “New Crossbow” Surf Solar
    8. Sarah Neufeld “Hero Brother” Hero Brother
        f. Brewer's Blackbird “Song” (Cornell Master Set)
    9. Al Brown “Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City” Darker than Blue: Soul from Jamdown 1973-1980
    T. Monster Magnet “Lizard Johnny” Monster Magnet

    B. Bounty Killer feat. Wayne Marshall “Sufferer” Greensleeves Rhythm Album #27: Diwali

    2. U2 Cover (pretty obviously, but "Kokomo" by Black Dice isn't a Beach Boys cover, so you never know...)
    4. The album is a collection of ragas with modern mantras sung over them, more Bitchin Bajas with Will Oldham vox than a real Bonnie 'Prince' Billy release. But it works pretty well.
        b. I still haven't seen a House Finch this year. Probably my biggest gap on my 2017 list.

  4. As far as the topic at hand, I saw Anthony Bourdain speak to a small number of culinary students some years back. When it came time for the Q & A, the students weren't exactly a font of curiosity. Looking to break the silence, I asked him*, "When you're in the kitchen, which do you prefer: Television or New York Dolls?" He laughed and said "Great question!" Then he proceeded to explain if he was pushed for time--or slammed in the restaurant vernacular--he'd listen to the Dolls. If he was making something more complex, he'd definitely go with Television.

    *In Kitchen Confidential he talks of his love of punk rock and downtown New York music in general.

    You'll note his LAMF

  5. I don't think we did a "Best of 2016". Did I miss it?
    I don't have a very long list myself, but I like to read others' lists (especially when there are little nugget reviews).

  6. So, slightly musically related.

    I'm currently sourcing parts to make some minor repairs to my new receiver. Gonna put in new lamps in both the dial needle, and behind the dial - purely cosmetic. Also going to try my soldering hand at replacing the capacitors in the power supply. This should tighten up the sound.

  7. 1. Skeleton Head -- Diarrhea Planet -- I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
    2. Village Blues -- John Coltrane -- Coltrane Jazz
    3. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall -- Bob Dylan -- The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
    4. Try Again -- Big Star -- #1 Record
    5. Atrocity Exhibition -- Joy Division -- The Factory, Manchester Live 13 July 1979
    6., Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) -- My Bloody Valentine -- Isn't Anything
    7. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? -- The Wedding Present -- George Best
    8. This Guitar Says Sorry -- Billy Bragg -- Back To Basics
    9. You Are My Face -- Wilco -- Sky Blue Sky
    10. Louie Louie -- Pretenders -- Pretenders II

    B1. Easily Fooled -- Pavement -- Wowee Zowee
    B2. Much Better Mr. Buckles -- Guided By Voices -- Do The Collapse

    Note: Sturgill Simpson on SNL this weekend.

  8. Am reading How To Listen To Jazz by Ted Gioia. Good, but slow, read, in that every time he refers to some particular performance to make a point I go over and find it on Youtube and listen (and scrape to my iTunes library via vid2mp3).

    Amazed at how many early jazz recordings/videos are available out there.

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