36 thoughts on “January 14, 2017: Jason Lives…Yesterday”

  1. taking the wife's beemer in to have the airbags replaced. We got the recall notice, oh, 13 months ago, and it took them this long to getting around to us. Some might say the delay is criminal.

    when the Mrs complained about the delays to the dealership last summer, they told her that replacements were being done earlier where the climate was "hotter." She observed to them that it was 103 degrees out as they were talking over the phone. #lifeischeap

    1. Our Subaru had them done earlier this year. When we received our notice I was furious that Mrs. Hayes had spent most of her pregnancy with a potential claymore pointed at her. We spent the rest of it driving the significantly less safe car we inherited from her grandfather.

  2. In the last 3 months, I've added "running a Bobcat" "plowing snow" and "balancing tills/be a de facto manager for a day" to my resume. Cool beans!

  3. So the Twins signed their arbitration eligible guys and their payroll now sits at roughly $100 mil (+/- a couple mil either side depending on if any serfdom players get a bump). Now I was willing to give the Pohlads and Terry Ryan the benefit of the doubt when it comes to payroll and there were not a lot of Free Agents to be signed (without it being a 7yr/250mil type deal) but now this is the what the 3rd or 4th year of payroll slashing and they still haven't addressed any of the pitching woes. I thought it was a bit of a conspiracy theory when Ryan was not signing anyone and the Pohlads were pocketing the money but I think I am coming around to that line of thinking.

    1. I don't think throwing money at free agency is the answer. For one thing, the Twins already have dumped Nolasco on the Angels after signing him to the biggest deal the Twins had done ever (at the time) and Hughes was signed as a free agent and is coming off major surgery (after signing an extension). They also signed Ervin Santana to the biggest free agent contract ever, so the pitching is the one area the Twins have been investing money. Part of the payroll this year is sending $4M to the Angels to pay Nolasco to pay him to play. I wouldn't say the Twins have been payroll slashing as much as just not spending needlessly on a team that's not going to the playoffs either way. If the Twins have a chance to be good and they don't spend, that would be a completely different matter.

    2. Given how bad the Twins are right now, I don't know what free agent is going to sign with them unless a) the Twins really overpay or b) the free agent doesn't have any other offers. I'm sure the new front office would love to make a big splash, but I really don't think a big free agent signing makes sense for them right now.

  4. If you were an alternator on a Ford Escape, circa 2003, how much would you expect replacement to cost (in Los Angeles)? #askingforafriend

      1. The Boy got recommendations for a shop from...his barber. So I'm sure it's totally legit.

        But anyway, the place quoted him $170 all in, vs. the ~$500 that the Firestone place was proposing.

        1. If Southwest had the right deal on, you could fly me out and buy the part for about that. I'd work beer.

        2. Sounds like that place is either going to rebuild the alternator (uncommon these days) or install a used/rebuilt alternator. The price of a new one is going to run at least $130-150. I can't imagine anyone in LA charging a shop rate under $70/hour; that'd be the bottom for what I'd expect from an independent shop out there. I think mine in North County was around $65/hour a dozen years ago.

          1. I think he was quoted (both places) about $100 for the alternator, with the rest labor. That price is consistent with what I'm seeing on line for a new, after-market alternator for an early-2000s Ford Escape.

            Labor cost depends on accessibility. I don't know how accessible. If easy, the job shouldn't be more than about a quarter hour of labor. So, at $70/hour for an hour, that's ... $70 of labor!

  5. Rough day around Chez Hayes. After a few hours of fitful sleep I woke up at two this morning with heavy seas in my stomach. Made it almost all the way to the toilet before woofing my cookies. In the next few minutes all the holds emptied. I cleaned up, drank some water, and went back to bed. Mrs. Hayes woke me at nine, then told me to go back to sleep. Finally got up around noon, feeling mostly okay.

    This evening the Poissonnier started having issues. The post-nap snack came back up, then lunch, then anything else left inside. (It's amazing how much food kids can fit in their small frames.) After vomit #4 or so, which came while I was holding her in my lap, it was time for a bath. No sooner did I get her in a diaper after her bath – more vomiting. Now she's wrapped in a towel on Mrs. Hayes' lap, mostly down to occasional dry-heaving and a little mucus. The Poissonnier has gone through three outfits during this, Mrs. Hayes and I two apiece.

    At least it's the weekend.

    1. The bauble was up most of last night puking, as well. It was pretty gross, so, since he moved into our bed due to his sheets not being clean, I decided drinking some bourbon and falling asleep in my dad chair was the best move.

      Then i woke up with what might be pink eye. Karma, man..

      1. I had an eloquent little comment presented, but the wi-fi here is suspect. This will have to suffice.
        Islamorada -> Duck Key<- Marathon
        Driving to the Conch Republic for a glass-bottomed reef cruise (minus the reef due to incooperative wind) - Kernel displays motion-sickness (the first kink in the kid s heretofore impenetrable iron gut). Carrots and shells & cheese ... ugh.
        However, Me + insanely fresh ceviche + dark&stormy (x3) + Wild highlights + Sturgill SNL vids = VERY happy camper.

        1. He said some broish shit in NOLA before his performance, but was outstanding without said borism in Memphis. These clips are pretty great.

          1. I've already heard from multiple people who are now fans of his because of the SNL performances. I had no idea that many people still watched SNL.

            1. I almost never stay up that late but I will watch clips regularly. Kate McKinnon might be the best woman SNL has ever had, and Joost/Che might be the second best Weekend Update pairing after Fey/Poehler (with a nod to Jane Curtin and Rosanna Rosannadana).

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