30 thoughts on “February 1, 2017: Start Making Plans”

    1. EAR's birthday is Feb 7th, LBR's is Feb 9th. The Webelos (Cub Scouts top rank) that I'm Den Leader for have their Blue & Gold Banquet (graduation to Cub Scouts) on Feb 11th.
      I might be going to NU the evening of the 11th to help my dad finish moving all of their stuff out of the old house.
      EAR and I used to celebrate our semi-anniversary on the 11th as well. Valentine's day can move back a couple weeks for all I care.

  1. Some big goings on in the sleepy rural town this morning. 4 police cars and a fire truck (and presumably at least a second fire truck and/or a couple ambulances, judging by the number of cars around the city garage), and now a another fire truck from a neighboring town has come back, filled up, and headed back out. Hopefully all turns out alright.

    I want to say, though, that I have been repeatedly amazed at the dedication people in rural communities have towards those communities. All fire/ambulance is volunteer in the small towns (not in the nearby bigger ones), and people are constantly giving of their time and money to support everything and everyone in the community. It is really special. I wish more people were really aware of it first-hand.

      1. I've thought about it. Something about me being the local attorney and going out to emergency situations seems off though. Ambulance chasing, and all that? I'm trying to find other ways to contribute to the community. So far, I think my puns have made a real difference for the children.

  2. Huh. Interesting article on Byung-ho Park. I guess I'm not expecting anything, so any surprise here would be a pleasant one.

    1. Wrists are incredibly important to a batter. That's why I couldn't understand why Molitor and the Twins front office kept insisting Park's injured wrist wasn't affecting his batting. I have hope that we haven't seen the real Park yet, and that if he's healthy this year we will.

      1. It seems like every front office in every sport is the Black Knight from Monty Python. I don't always know if it's naivete or if it's strategic elusiveness, but I'm trying to think of a completely transparent organization when it comes to stuff like this.

        1. I wouldn't expect or want them to be transparent considering info we would get would surely be available to all the other teams. However, the fact that he kept playing shows that they certainly thought it wasn't enough to sit him. I'm hopeful the new regime will be more mindful of a more balanced approach to work ethic versus recovery so that players not helping the team while playing through injury will at least sit if not go on the new (shorter) DL.

          1. For MLB, that information has to be available to other teams already. Or should. I'm looking at you Preller.

      2. Didn't we see the real Park for the first month or so, before the wrist started hurting? He was a pretty good masher, if I remember correctly.

        1. There's some question there, I think, because maybe the league was quickly figuring out how to pitch him, and "the real Park" was something closer to those later months?

          1. I want to be really hesitant in saying the later months were anywhere near his real abilities because he was very clearly not healthy. As JeffA said, a wrist is incredibly important to a hitter, especially a power hitter.

  3. Trey's junior high baseball team made the playoffs and won their first playoff game yesterday. They jumped out to an early 6-0 lead and won 8-2. Trey had a walk and made at least five outs in the field playing second base, including jumping to catch a line drive.

  4. Thing I learned today:

    Toni Stone (July 17, 1921 – November 2, 1996), also known by her married name Marcenia Lyle Alberga, was the first of three women to play Negro league baseball.

    Spoiler SelectShow
  5. Does anyone regularly read The Ringer?
    I do not unless I see like 3 tweets to an article. I don't like the green bar that is on top of the page and never leave when you are reading an article. I don't like the artwork for the articles. And when I do scroll around the front page, nothing interesting catches my eye. I'd visit Grantland every day and read at least an article a day.

    Anyway, they talk about the Timberwolves here

    1. That almost exactly describes how I interact with The Ringer.

      I ran into a Bill Simmons mailbag on there yesterday, so I'm a little less likely to click on their stuff going forward.

    1. Nevermind that, when the hell did they open up a six point lead on Chicago (and missed it before, but a five point lead on SJ)? The inevitable playoff collapse is really happening, isn't it?

        1. Yeah, that would seem to help. I really need to find some *ahem* PERFECTLY LEGAL STREAMS *ahem* of games.

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