54 thoughts on “February 16, 2017: C’mon, Coffee”

  1. I eat breakfast when I get to my office. For the last month or so, I've done a pretty poor job of packing enough to make me feel satisfied.* This is largely a side effect of two things: using public transportation and desiring a bag with the smallest possible footprint, and inadequate planning when making grocery lists. To buttress against hunger, I will visit the bodega in my building for a pastry – not every day, but more often than I should.

    If anyone has good suggestions for tasty, healthful on-the-go breakfast items they enjoy, I'm happy to read them.

    * Typically a Belvita and a piece of fruit, granola bites, or oatmeal.

    1. This brings to mind "Stump the Cook" from The Splendid Table. Do you have access to any sort of kitchen with equipment such as an electric kettle, microwave, or toaster oven at work?

      1. That's a great comparison!

        I have an electric kettle in my office (for daily AeroPress coffee & flax oatmeal in winter). There's a nuke box in the office kitchenette.

    2. Wish I could help, but I get up about 2 hours before I need to leave so I have plenty of time to make eggs and sausages.

      1. I recently finished my eggs and bacon. I find that when I'm able to have eggs and bacon for breakfast, I feel better, I don't get headaches, and I eat less throughout the day.

        1. I have hypothyrodism and it has been suggested to me that, in addition to the standard medication, eating protein for breakfast is a good idea for me. I like that idea. I just don't often eat breakfast at all.

          1. I think that eating a bit of protein and fat is a good idea for breakfast. I find that, while I like oatmeal (real oatmeal, not that quick oats crap), I do get hungry by mid-morning if I've not had some protein. I usually then pull out a handful of almonds from my stash.

      2. Part of the reason I eat at work is that I'm a night owl, and getting up at 4am just isn't going to happen. I sleep as late as I can, because I'm typically not mentally ready for bed until midnight at the earliest. In fact, I'd prefer to be winding my day down at 4am, but my career doesn't really provide third shift opportunities.

        1. I can understand that. I'm ok at mornings ('cept on Fridays during the curling season), so its good that I don't really have a choice. My wife doesn't have a flexible work schedule, so I go in as early as I can to leave earlier and pay less in daycare, plus 4 am is really the only dependable time I have to exercise. Weekends, on the other hand...

        2. If the standard work day was Noon-8, then up till 2 AM, and sleep 2-10AM, I'd be so jazzed.

          The hour+ drive every morning is killing me. I hope I can find a job closer to my house. Even the West Metro would be fine. But 30% of my physical distance takes 50% of my time trying to get from Plymouth to Prospect Park.

          1. One of my big reasons to get the boy into the local public school for Kindergarten instead of his fancy preschool was a cut in the commute time from 40-45 minutes to 4 minutes.

            1. We are also switching from private school to public school next year. While there are two reasons more important for this decision, one of them is that the public school is 5 minutes from our house. The private school is only 15 minutes without traffic, but with traffic it can be up to an hour.

          2. God bless living outstate. Even when I've got a long drive, at least I'm driving.

            Also, yes, 100x yes, to that workday.

    3. Call me crazy...
      For the past few weeks, I've been keeping a carton of eggs in the fridge at work and poaching two eggs in the microwave.
      Disposable coffee cup 1/3 full of hot water, crack in two eggs. Cover with paper towel. Microwave 1:10 x 7 power*. Drain/strain excess water. Microwave 0:15 x 7 power. One packet pepper, 1/2 packet salt. Softish yolks in a container I don't have to clean.

      *Microwave oven times may vary. I blew up more than a couple eggs until I got the timining/power right.

      1. I poach eggs in the microwave. This started when one day I decided to poach eggs for my daughter the old fashioned way. She LOVED them. Then I came up with the idea of poaching eggs in the microwave to speed up the process. I hit the google machine for times and then I started doing it. Getting an egg from raw to cooked in about a minute and a half is really handy.

      2. You're crazy. Not because of the eggs, though. I've been avoiding carbs lately, so I've been going with 3 eggs a lot lately for lunch ( I work at home). I scramble them in a nonstick pan with a little margarine and real bacon bits. Add some salsa and grated cheese when it's done cooking. Yesterday, I added this to a whole wheat tortilla and added a little light sour cream. Very nice.

      3. I'm definitely going to look at making poached eggs. Having some salsa verde & cheese in the office fridge would be a good way to round it out. (I also keep a bottle of Siracha in my desk.)

    4. I often go wth boiled eggs. Easy to make a bunch ahead of time and have them in the fridge ready to grab and go.

      1. This used to be my routine until the heart attack. Now I limit myself to one egg yolk a day, but I'll eat all the egg whites I want. Also, if you put baking soda in your water when you boil the eggs, the shells slide right off when you peel them.

        1. I pierce the air chamber (rounder end) with a pin, then put into boiling water (Jacques Pepin method). Works like a charm.

      1. There's a huge arms race between people developing substances and people developing the test. The test for substances is always behind the substance itself. You can't test for something until it exists.

        If you take a PED and tweak the chemical structure slightly enough that it still works, and doesn't show up on the test, does that make it OK to take?

    1. If this is legal, why can't someone just keep hopping until they're within ten feet of the plate and fire it past the batter? It seems ridiculous to me.

  2. We've already had an extremely wet winter and now the storm coming in tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of the winter. Our area is predicted to be getting 2-4 inches of rain, although looking at the map, we're not far away from areas predicted to get 6-8 inches. While our property has never had a problem with flooding, the roads out of our neighborhood do. In fact, the main road floods so often in rain, they put out Flood signs before the rain even starts. We have a back way out of here, but there are still a couple areas that become major puddles in normal storms. Fortunately, the streets are all basically sloped, so flooding doesn't last long once the rain has subsided. We'll definitely want to "batten down the hatches" for this one, though.

      1. I've been on MLB audio for years. Between April and August I only use it just a few times, but I get a real good ROI from it in September.

    1. 'Cept for when they play Chicago, but yeah, I mentioned something about that a week ago. Someone wasn't paying attention.

  3. The daughter's high school hockey team is going to state after a big section final win last night. Woo hoo!

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