45 thoughts on “February 17, 2017: The Boring”

        1. Actually, I'm surprised that the daily intros to the cup are as good as they are. Coming up with something every day (or at least most days) isn't easy.

        2. I do those a lot, of course, but work is feeling more and more tedious in the wake of some good news I got on the writing front this past week, but I can't talk about that yet, thanks to NDAs, but I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went with this.

  1. Yesterday Mrs. Hayes sent me a link to a house listing in a neighborhood to the north of ours. The house is about 800 square feet larger than ours and needs bathroom & kitchen renos, but most of the living space is on the ground floor and it butts up against a large city park. We were both intrigued enough to go check it out, and then she called the realtor to learn more. Turns out there's already an accepted offer on the house. But apparently we're shifting back into house shopping mode as an alternative to considering an addition. While I like our neighborhood & our lot, I'm a bit pleased to know she's thinking about finding a place that better fits our life. The idea of adding on to our current place was making me twitch a bit, since (to my non-architect's) eye it looked like we'd be significantly altering our roofline in addition to adding the space we'd like.

    1. We've went down the path of the considering a move to never moving because we like our neighborhood too much to definitely doing a big add-on to omg that's so much money and inconvenience to adding a functional shed in the yard for my office to meh that even seems like a big hassle to let's remodel one 800 sq ft level of the house to ugh who do we even ask to design it to how about we start by putting more efficient shelving in our utility room.

      Writing it that way makes it seem like we're doomed to fail in ever making this house "right" for our current family situation. Or we're just hopelessly pragmatic!

      All that is to say, "Good luck!"

  2. Falafel caucus today at noon! Minneapolis train riders, you know what you need to know. Looking forward to seeing whomever from St. Paul is able to make it--even for a brief hello.

    1. I'm heading over in about 15, should be there right at Noon. I won't be staying the whole time, but I will pop in for a bit.

        1. Better luck next time? Thanks to all those who came--that was fun and tasty!

          Beau, I hope you've recovered from the spicy harissa. 😉

  3. I am utterly unqualified to plan a vacation. Aside from calling travel agency, which I suppose we'll do, can anybody recommend the best way to book a week-or-so-long trip to somewhere? Say, Ireland, or something like that. It's our 15-year anniversary this year and we've never gone on a fly away trip that wasn't that wasn't Vegas (once) or Army-related. This is sad. On the one hand the bar is low and budget is tight. On the other hand, I don't want to screw this up.

    1. I've had really good luck using travel guides from the libraries to get ideas for itineraries/hotels and then booking things online after shopping around. I always plan extra stuff and then have it fall of the schedule once we get there and see how we're feeling. You can use Google Travel Guide to get a nice overview of a place online (top sights, suggested itineraries...). Have fun!

      1. Oh, boy. You've put the pressure on me and my wife to figure out if we're going to take the family to Europe this summer. Those prices are tempting!

        1. Are they ever! I'd love to book something for the Fall to get away with the PR and Little One, but I'm not sure it's in the cards.

            1. Just went back and looked. It was $376 roundtrip but was only for travel in March, October, or November. Still...

        2. Thankfully (?) my first foray with looking for the low rates (Paris) when we can potentially go (June) is finding no return flights at the bargain price. So we might end up having missed the boat. 🙂

    2. One of my dad's main hobby is planning trips (he and my mom are in Hawaii right now). I can ask him for more tips, but I know he uses TripAdvisor for finding hotels. He booked our hotels in Japan through that site, and it worked out wonderfully.

  4. So many nits to pick in this little excerpt from Phil Miller's piece on Chris Gimenez.

    You don’t know Gimenez. (It’s pronounced JIM-inez; he’s not Latino, but a Californian whose grand-grandfather emigrated to the U.S. from Spain.)

    1. Gimenez, for instance, has already studied film of Jose Berrios, and has some suggestions about turning his tendency to pitch high in the strike zone into a weapon.

      He's also pitched 3 times!

    1. I've seen us projected to get about 4 inches of rain. That would be about 1/4 of our average annual rainfall amount. Granted, the vast majority of that usually happens between December and February, but still that's amazing. There are some areas not too far away projected to get twice as much. I have friends that went to Universal Studios today that were in a blackout. Reminds me of being at being at Valley Fair when the Minnesota SuperStorm hit in July 1987.

  5. We have The Swordfish! F'monger said they started getting it last week. Tonite is grilled swordfish steaks brushed with olive oil, lightly salted, some green beans.

    And Mango Salsa! (insert sounds of castanets here).
    Bought a large mango earlier this week (not ripe then, but now it is), thinly diced. Red Bermuda onion, thinly diced. Jalapeno, thinly diced, Cilantro, diced. Lime juice over the top. Serve with Mi Niña white corn tortilla chips.

    Stay hungry, my friends.

    1. I make basically that same salsa, but grill the mango w/ brown sugar, and food processor the heck out of the ingredients to make it a more liquid consistency. Also, no cilantro, because even a little is too much for some in my family, and it isn't my favorite anyway. Also, salt.

      Also, I eat it over vanilla ice cream. Amazing.

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