42 thoughts on “February 26, 2017: 0-2”

    1. Saw "Lion" last night. Maybe best first half of a movie I've ever seen. Came home and hugged my son for a long time.

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    2. My wife and I used to (pre-kids) make sure we saw all the best picture nominees before the Oscars. That's a lot harder now (though I now see most of the ones up for animated feature), but we've managed to see a bunch of them in the last week. Saw Arrival last weekend, Lion and Manchester by the Sea on Friday, and La La Land and Moonlight yesterday.

      Lion and La La Land are pretty close to me, but I think La La Land will win it, and wold probably be my vote as well. I expected I wouldn't be that into La La Land, but the beautiful spectacle of it really drew me in.

      I expected to love Manchester by the Sea, but instead really, really hated it. At the end my wife and I were completely baffled as to why everyone loved that movie so much, and how it managed to get a best picture nomination. By far my least favorite of the ones I've seen. I'd also put it way below other non-best-picture-nominees I've seen (Kubo and the Two Strings, the OJ documentary, Rogue One).

      1. I used to go see movies. I don't remember the last time I saw a best picture nominee in a theater. Probably 2008.
        We used to host Oscars parties. Also 2008, I suppose.


        1. Yeah, it's tough for us to schedule time, too, hence the 4 movies (plus Kubo and the Two Strings with the kids) in two days. It helps that a bunch of those are on DVD or download already (Manchester by the Sea and Arrival on Redbox, Moonlight rented on iTunes). Before this weekend I think the last two non-kids movies I saw in the theater were Rogue One in December, and last year's Oscar nominees in February 2016.

          1. It's already past this year, but one of the theaters around here shows all the Oscar nominated movies over 2 days and sells passes for people to watch the entire marathon. A friend of mine and his wife do that every year.

            1. Pre-kids, we did that for a few years, too. It was simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating to see that many (almost all) very good movies/works of art in one day. It also sort of felt like it's own little community. I always get a bit of a communal experience when I see a movie in the theater, and that is definitely heightened when you've spent the last 12 or so hours in the same room with the same people watching movies.

              They also offer the same sort of thing, without breaking it into two days over 2 weekends. 24 hours straight seems bonkers to me, even as someone who is fine with 12-14 hours worth.

    1. He sounds like a really cool guy. I love to hear about people who get as much out of life as they can, and it sounds like he certainly did.

      1. I suspect that to his many friends, he was a cool guy. My brother had a close relationship with him for many years, and accompanied him on numerous scrounging expeditions (I have a marble cheese board cut from salvaged marble from one of those trips).

        I found him to be a strange, gentle giant, but also a force of nature. Insatiably curious about the world, and always marching to a tune that he couldn't really share with the world.

    1. Buxton with a 2-out walk, steals second despite the pitcher throwing to first, and then scores on a soft single to center standing up. This could be fun, at least on offense.

  1. Bill Paxton has died. I sincerely hope he quipped "Game over, man...game over" as he passed.

    I loved his work. The obits aren't mentioning True Lies, in which he plays a small but truly hilarious part.

          1. That one has stuck with me like few other movies. I think I had zero expectations going in, and it just hit every right button.

      1. Really?! That was nightmare fuel for a young ichthyophobe when I first saw it during a celebration of Doctor Demento.

        Edited. Previously I said "Damian Demento," who was a pro wrestler. Good God.

    1. His role as Chet in Weird Science was memorable for me. Director John Hughes was great at exaggerating, in a cartoonish way, the people who surround the typical messed up teenager. Paxton did a great job taking the overbearing and bossy big brother to a ridiculous level.

      He also had a role in one of my all time favorite movies, Tombstone.

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