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  1. I wasn't watching, but man, people take this stuff seriously. I get that its recognition for the people that made these movies, but I can't understand why something like this should be so important to regular people who are nowhere near the film industry.

    1. man, people take this stuff seriously

      Yea, it's pretty funny how seriously people take these awards.

      On the other hand, it IS a multi-billion dollar industry, and getting an Oscar for one of the major categories is worth $$.

        1. I didn't see the show as I was in an airplane. However, I had assumed that this year, the Oscars would have just been a 3 hour "In Memorium" feaure.

    2. My wife similarly wonders how people can care so much about grown men playing sports. Not that I condone losing sleep over an Oscars presentation snafu.

      If you go by "no such thing as bad press," then La La Land winds up better off than had the correct card been opened in the first place.

          1. Nailed it. I was trying to find a picture to explain it but could not figure out a proper google search to describe it.

  2. As I was listening to yesterday's Twins game, it struck me to wonder how old Cory Provus is. He's thirty-eight. Lots of things can happen, of course, but that means it's entirely possible that he will be the lead Twins radio voice for the rest of my life.

    1. I'd be okay with him taking it for a long time.

      Also, weird as it would seem to 2013 nibbish, I'd be okay with Gladden occupying his role for a while, too. They have a good, easygoing chemistry.

        1. I'm still not that thrilled with Dazzle, but I agree he's definitely better with Provus than he was with Gordo. And he's only fifty-nine, so he could be around quite a while yet, too.

        2. I can't be okay with Gladden until he learns to mention the score of the game once in a while. I have tracked, and he will go complete innings without saying it once, even when coming back from or (less frequently) heading into a commercial break. It is infuriating when you tune in and can't get an update until they switch back to Provus.

          Or maybe what I'm saying is that I'd be good with Gladden as the color guy, but never the announcer.

          1. Yep. It's not just he doesn't mention things. He's just not articulate or fast enough to make play-by-play exciting. "He hits the ball to center field and................................................................................it's gone!" Heaven forbid there's errors or weird plays; you definitely have no idea what's going on then.

            1. And it does't even usually get cleaned up after the fact, which doesn't help anything. I know I have gone to look up video plenty of times after listening to Gladden call something because: huh?

              That said, I think he does a pretty solid job with color commentary, and I think he does a very good job of telling old baseball stories - even about people he didn't get along with - in a way that makes everyone come out alright, and adds, well, color, to the game.

        3. Gladden has improved with Provus, but he still spent a few minutes yesterday praising Max Kepler's RBI groundout as "a little thing" which the Twins never did last year.

    2. Plus there isn't a lot of turnover in announcers for TV or radio. Once hired, they tend to stick with it until they retire.

    3. Interesting observation. This feels weird to consider, but I honestly wonder if games are still being broadcast on terrestrial radio by the time Provus is ready to retire. I'm not saying there won't be some kind of audio-only broadcast, but that I am in doubt that radio will continue to be the medium.

      1. I think it depends on what you consider "radio". Norway is shutting down its FM stations this year (AM was shut down earlier, can't quickly find a date) and switching to digital. On one hand, it's possible to think of "radio" being dead in Norway but broadcasts are still sent over the air.

        I think it's possible that broadcasts like that go away, to be replaced by broadcasts over "ubiquitous" internet access. That will take some time. I think Provus will have retired before then.

        1. All of my radio experience is with HF, VHF, or UHF equipment broadcasting analog (HF & VHF) or digital (UHF) content, though I did have some exposure to software-defined radio on my deployment. While I understand that analog, cellular, & digital broadcasting all use radio waves and usually occupy different frequencies within the radio spectrum, my experience led me to think of voice-over-analog as "radio" and data-over-digital as "wireless digital communication," even when the data transmitted was audio.

          1. It's interesting to read that the primary drivers of Norway's decision to switch to DAB were topography (mountains & fjords being death to FM signals) and cost per capita.

            I happen to like AM radio as a medium (the content of current AM radio, though...) and would like to see it stick around in the US, even if FM is eventually supplanted by DAB. Skywave propagation allows AM to serve as an important communications conduit with minimal infrastructure: basically, you need a transmitter that can throw a strong enough signal, a receiver with antenna, and semi-cooperative weather. I don't see the US moving toward either opening a public cellular spectrum or building out a national, public fiber network that could supplant AM, particularly during natural disasters.

    1. Interesting. The cynic in me says "Somehow the NBA figured out how to sell three sections of half-court seats." The pessimist in me wonders how these guys are going to stay fresh in the long run.

      Reading through the league's philosophy, it sounds like hype is going to be a major component of the events.

    2. I should say, my excitement in this league jump way up last week when they announced Shane Heal was going to be in it. Its like every past Wolves player ever is in this lead: JR RIder, Shady McCants, Latrell Sprewell, the list goes on!

  3. Now that I've worked through my crankiness about the updates to my computer (thanks for the group therapy session last week, guys!), I just have to say it is pretty fantastic to be able to have two different Excel windows open at the same time. ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

  4. Attempted murder-suicide at the Best Buy in Avondale, Arizona in the last hour. I have a lot of friends over there so I have a lot more information than is public...suffice it to say that the whole thing is heartbreaking and every new thing I hear makes it worse.

  5. ByungHo Park homered for the second time this spring, ripping a, 0-2 fastball at 96-mph off Marlins right-hander Jose Urena onto the berm in left field. The South Korean slugger has requested the space be eliminated between his first two names.

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