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        1. Seriously, If you've ever had the desire to see carnival in New Orleans, you should. Mardi Gras day is not for the faint of heart, as the party kicks off early, and (if you're smart) you should be in bed early. Having said that, the parades are totally a family affair. This year a 3 month old child (our friend's kid) made it to more parades (15-14) than I did.

  1. I've always wanted to go to a live show, have to eventually make that happen. Although after hearing David Shoemaker talk about his experience going to see Raw, a house show or PPV might be the better choice.

    Just noticed the updated image, ooooh yeah. I recently bought my boys Ultimate Maniac shirts from Homage. My two year old went nuts saying "I'm the Macho Man" while splashing on me after I explained the shirt to him.

    1. Raw was pretty boring the one time I went at Target Center. I've gone to the local shows at First Ave for our five times, and they're much more fun.

    2. I've been to about thirty shows or so, and this was one of the best. You never quite know what you're going to get because there are a good many weird wrestling fans out there, but we seemed to be in a pretty cool section. This was the second episode of SmackDown I've gone to - I've also hit two PPVs, two Monday Nitros (those were a while ago, obviously) and a ton of house shows. I was also at a WCW marathon taping where they did about four weeks worth of jobber matches at once.

    1. Oh man, that made my heart stop for a minute.

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  2. As clean as the new Baseball Reference layout is, I'm feeling pangs of nostalgia for the retired one. That layout was how I viewed baseball for longer than any box score or baseball card format. I don't follow their blog or use any of the other Sports Reference sites, so the change took me by surprise last week. I think it's a pretty huge net improvement despite some grumbles about some design decisions. (I do really miss the bunting with the gold "Hall of Fame" and "World Champs" bars spanning the page.)

    1. I remember seeing it would change on their blog, but I forgot about it until happened. Checking on my phone and wow, it's actually usable now. It's worth it just for that.

      1. I always used the desktop site on my phone once I had a proper pocket computer. Moving to a big-screen iPhone from the 3.5-inch model I had before was a huge improvement when I was b-ref'ing on the go.

        1. So did I, but it was annoying because it wasn't native so there was a lot of scrolling around. Now however, it's great.

    2. I miss some things too, but oh man is the mobile site a thousand times better. I won't miss the fan ELO rater, which was garbage.

  3. I may be late to this but American Gods tv series is a real thing to be broadcast on Starz starting April 30.

    Eight episodes in season 1 covering approximately 1/3 of book. Three seasons planned.

    1. I liked, but did not love, the book. That said, the preview I saw looked pretty sweet.

      I am curious to see how closely the show tracks the novel, and I wonder if some of the reveals will be tough to keep quiet long enough, and, if so, whether they'll feel more dishonest in a visual medium? (See: Frozen).

          1. I think I missed the boat during the original discussions about the movie, but my biggest complaint about Frozen?

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  4. Through no fault of my own, due to an administrative error (misinterpretation of dates for the ending of a grant period) I now get to inform my honors class that no, we will not be taking the road-trip to Denver that we just spent the last two weeks planning.

    And I get a busy afternoon of cancelling reservations. I am not too happy about this.

  5. I'm not backing off criticisms of Dazzle, but when I listen to other teams' broadcasts I am often reminded that we could do a lot worse.

    1. Nice! One of our friends was on two weeks ago, but she did not win. Still cool to see someone you know on there.

      I feel like I should take the test at some point, but never have. When I was in grad school I auditioned for a bunch of game shows and got picked for two, but nothing ever aired. One show was canceled after I taped my episode, and the other was canceled the night before I was supposed to tape it.

      1. That's a bummer.

        I've tested for Jeopardy almost every year and I don't think I ever get close. There's just too many categories I know zilch about (Shakespeare, for instance). Of course the questions on the TV show are way easier, and I often find I know about 80% of the answers. The test is brutal, though.

        1. Could be a selection effect. Maybe the only game shows that cast me are the bad ones on their last legs.

          And the one I did tape was really, really bad. I just found there's an astoundingly detailed Wikipedia article about it.

            1. Nope, I went down in the first round. I think the producers wanted the other contestant to win, since the questions in the first round were sort of tailer-made for her. In the game you had to list items in a collection, taking turns until someone made a mistake. Two of the three questions were to name any daytime soap opera (she was an out-of-work actress) and to name an Ivy League school (she went to Cornell). Oh well, I still made about $350 for driving up to Hollywood a couple of times.

              1. There was an ESPN game show similar to that where players went back and forth.

                There's also a party game called Smarty Party that is similar. I love the concept.

              2. "tailor-made"
                Not even my pet peeve misconstruction (which is based on the golf company whose name is a play on the original clich&eacute.)

  6. The peperoncino's first introduction to Johnny Cash was through a clip from The Muppet Show that includes "Orange Blossom Special" and "Jackson," which features a cameo by Miss Piggy.

    Tonight I wanted to listen to some music while washing dishes, and I ended up putting on a different "Jackson" video with Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. The peperoncino watched for a bit and then said of June Carter Cash, "Is she pretending to be Mrs. Pig?" I thought about it for a second and then just said yes. Ahhhh, 3-year-olds.

    1. Reminds me of when CER was young (4ish?) and making friends and none of them had ever heard the best singer in the world... Björk

  7. The Minnesota Twins will need to improve by 15 games in order to hit their over. After winning 59 games in 2016, Minnesota is projected at 74 1/2 this season.

    Math is so overrated.

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