March 9, 2017: Pointless Re-Certification

Remember six months ago when I was stressing over a work certification that took a couple of weeks from my life? Maybe you don't, because I probably only mentioned it here in passing, but I do. Well, every eight or so years we have to re-certify if we were certified more than three months ago. Today is that time for me already. I really don't think it's worth paying me for this, but here we are.

10 thoughts on “March 9, 2017: Pointless Re-Certification”

  1. One of the realities of life is that we never seem to reach a point when we no longer have to jump through hoops.

  2. WBC Update:
    Pool A:
    ISR 4 - 2 NED
    KOR 11 - 8 TPE (10 Innings)
    Israel undefeated in round 1!

    Pool B:
    AUS 11 - 0 CHN (8 innings: Mercy rule)
    Japan advances, China eliminated, AUS-CUB tonight to determine which advances.
    If Japan beats China this morning, Pool B will end up being well-ordered.

    Pools C and D start tonight.

    1. British racecar drivers sit on the right side of the car to drive... do they always make right turns (race clockwise)?

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