42 thoughts on “March 27, 2017: Rewound”

  1. The Little One arrived yesterday. 8lb3oz, 22 inches long. She and the Permanent Roommate are doing just fine.

  2. A hearty congratulations to you sir.

    Is what I would say had I actually replied to mags letter.

  3. I suppose you could pay me enough to go to the Florida-Georgia Line concert at Target Field, but it would have to be a rather significant amount.

    1. The only things I understand about this LTE is that there is some sort of concert at a baseball field this summer, and that the padre can be bought off.

      1. More info: The baseball field is near the St Marys River, or somewhere between the river's source and the town of Chattahoochee, FL.

  4. I know people complain about the length of baseball games, but I'm always disappointed when I finally have the time to listen to a whole game and then it only lasts two hours and ten minutes.

  5. Dinner tonight is a bit of an adventure at the slaughterhouse. I'm making Bun Bo Xao because it's hot out, and because Bun is awesome. (I'm lying here, I actually made this for dinner last night but forgot to post these notes....). The recipe linked to seems formidable due to the long list of ingredients, but really there isn't anything too hard to accomplish (and a little help from the grocery in the form of matchstick carrots ...). The sauce as presented is very sour, so some tweaking for your flavor desires may be in order. Next time I'll reduce the amount of rice wine vinegar a bit, and up the spicy bits. We added a bunch of fresh peppers to the mix because I was out of radish of all forms. I chose to marinate a flank steak because that's what the grocery had, and then chose to char-grill the steak using the slow n sear. I cooked the meat a bit further than medium to make the noodles less bloody. This made for excellent left overs as well. Oh, and I grilled up a mess of asparagus and threw that on top of the the whole works. This'll be in heavy rotation this summer.

    1. oooh.

      I'm a huge fan of both the Thai-style beef salads and the Vietnamese-style ones. I will need to ruminate on this recipe.

      1. basically, this salad can be made with any protein source including tofu, and the sauce can be adjusted in numerous directions.

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