March 31 30, 2017: Game Log (& Recap(?)) Sign-Up

Looks like the season is right around the corner, so we should probably get this going. I'll keep on with Mondays. Let us know if you want in and will update the list below:

Sunday: socaltwinsfan
Monday: hungry joe
Tuesday: freealonzo
Wednesday: Can o' Corn
Thursday: cheaptoy
Friday: davidwatts
Saturday: nibbish
All-Star Game: Rhubarb_Runner
2039 Playoffs: Rhubarb_Runner

Volunteers: Jeff A, Can o' Corn

Also, is there any interest in Game Recaps? That feature has been a little, uh, "anemic" in years past. If there are volunteers, we'll get a sign up going for it.

72 thoughts on “March 31 30, 2017: Game Log (& Recap(?)) Sign-Up”

  1. March 31 already??? We close on the new house on the 31st and I'm flying out today to do that. If only I knew to fly out the day before...

  2. I can take a game log, doesn't matter which day. Now that I have unprecedented access to Twins games, as well as the WGOM while I'm at work, I can possibly put together somewhat informed intros!

      1. To be fair, I qualified it with "somewhat". Most likely my intros will just be complaining that Park is tearing it up at AAA instead of the MLB.

        1. Park had 6 dongers in 51 pre-S AB's with 15 SO's and 6 walks. Maybe he couldn't blow bubbles with his gum.

    1. I'm trying to figure out what the reason is to make Grossman the DH and send Park out. The only thing I can come up with is that they still aren't willing to trust their less-experienced players. I'm open to hearing another reason if someone has one.

      1. Maybe they're having trouble deciding how to get Park onto the 40 man and are hoping something will happen to make the decision easier in the first few weeks?

        1. I guess it wouldn't surprise me if the Twins thought that way, but it doesn't make sense to me. The Twins have such an awesome forty-man roster that there's no one they can drop to make room for Park? Seriously?

    2. I'm disappointed that he's not on the roster, too (especially for a 13th pitcher!), but if what he's been doing this spring is for real, it won't be long before he's back.

      1. Well, I hope so. But we've seen the Twins keep guys buried at AAA before. Yes, it's a new front office now, so we'll see. But even if that turns out to be right, it doesn't make this a good move.

      1. 8 relievers in April when there's a bunch of days off. I wonder if they expanded rosters to 27 if teams would just have 15 pitchers.

        1. This is exactly the thought I have every time I think how nice it would be to increase roster size.

          1. They should make rosters smaller to force teams to carry fewer pitchers or force pitchers to play positions in the field and hit.

              1. New rule: pitchers must wear jackets on the basepaths. No exceptions for day games in July.

      2. What that answer tells me is that they either don't want to say what the reason is or they don't have one.

        1. I'm sure they have one. Maybe Falvey wants Park up but is frustrated with the pitchers they have that they need 8. Maybe he doesn't want Park up for some reason but can't disclose that information (and can't justify it based on spring numbers).

          1. Okay, let's assume that they actually do need eight relievers. That leaves twelve other players. Eight will be in the field regularly, so that leaves four. One of those is the backup catcher, so that leaves three, two reserves and a DH. They have Escobar, who's the reserve infielder, and Santana, who's the infield/outfield supersub. That means they prefer Grossman as DH to Park. Granted, Grossman can play the outfield, where Park can only play first base, but do they really need two extra outfielders? And if Santana doesn't count as an extra outfielder, why are both he and Escobar on the roster? Do they really need two reserve infielders? No matter how I look at it, it still doesn't make sense to me.

              1. This is not an unreasonable theory. If they can keep Park around and in the minors, but would lose control of other players by cutting them, it might make long-term sense. That is, using the beginning of the season as an extended trial for some of the other players on the team, maybe even saving service time for Park?

                If Falvey has an angle, it's probably that he just got here and he's not optimizing for winning today, but rather figuring out who can help the team in 2018 and beyond.

                1. I agree with prioritizing the long-term over the short-term. I simply don't think this decision helps in either term. Obviously, the Twins disagree.

              2. He wasn't on the 40-man. He had to clear waivers to be taken off this winter. Twins would need to bump someone from 40-man to promote Park. Has Perkins been placed on 60-day DL? Did this all stem from his unwillingness to go on the 60-day DL?

        1. He has played some first base: 36 games in the majors, 103 games in the minors. And he does have a .760 career OPS against left-handers, whom I assume he'll be playing against when he's on first base. It doesn't make me happier about the decision, though.

      1. I don’t want to overreact to this absurd decision on Park from the Twins' first-ever Chief Baseball Officer, but does the name of the Timberwolves' first President of Basketball Operations, David Kahn, ring a bell?

        oh, that's quality.

    3. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that one of the first moves the FO did (and one of the few noteworthy in the offseason) was to drop Park from the 40-man roster. Nobody really complained too much once Park cleared waivers. However, for them to have to clear a spot on the 40-man for Park before a game is even played this season would make that move look pretty dumb.

      1. How it makes the off-season move look is irrelevant. If you made a mistake before, you don't compound it by making another one now. The question is, do they think they made a mistake? Maybe not. I don't know.

        1. I agree it should be irrelevant. I just hope that thinking didn't go into the decision to drop BHP. The best way I can spin this decision is that they wanted to keep BHP, Grossman and the pitchers in the org (and whoever they would have to drop from the 40-man to promote Park) and this was the only way to do that. I can live with that. However, if they let Park believe that he had a legit shot at earning a spot on the MLB roster, then that was dishonest and shows a lack of integrity, which frustrates me. Park wasn't just better than Grossman as a hitter this spring, he was the best hitter in camp. Grossman had a poor spring and wasn't healthy for like the last week of camp, when he could have been facing less minor leaguers and fringe pitchers than he would have seen earlier this spring.

  3. If there's enough interest in doing game recaps, I'll take a day. If there's not, I still may do some randomly through the season when I have the time.

  4. I can take Wednesdays if no one else wants 'em. Happy to do an occasional recap as well.

  5. Game logs are spoken for. I'd really love resurrect the recap feature (by others other than the Padre (your stuff is great, Padre, but seriously, take a breather 😉 ), so hopefully there are some more volunteers out there. And some inspiration/motivation to actually write the derned things this season would be nice too.

  6. Here's a fun bit of trivia provided by my LCS* owner: What is significant about this game?

    believe it or not SelectShow

    *local (baseball) card shop

    1. In a win over the Lakers, no less. OK, the Lakers suck now, but they used to just pwn the Wolves. Plus, the Wild just scored 5 unanswered goals. I think all Minnesotans should go out and buy Lotto tickets tonight.

  7. Was with family throughout yesterday so I missed the game log post (and this is about when I planned on putting it up. Good work, everyone). I'll be a pinch-hitter this season.

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