April 2, 2017: Showcase of the Immortals

I've got a full house for Wrestlemania today, leading into the Twins opener tomorrow. And I have both days off. If you remove the funeral, this has been a pretty decent vacation.

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  1. In Zurich today

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    In Liechtenstein (Vaduz):

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    Oh, and on the bus ride into Vaduz, we meet a couple from Duluth. At the bus stop on the way out, we met a woman whose brother is a professor at the U.

  2. Apparently I'm so happy baseball is back that I'm willing to watch a Yankees game with Rick Sutcliffe on the (muted) mic.

  3. So it looks like if Gonzaga wins tomorrow Wattsy is the winner of the Basket and Ball Guys Bracket. If NC wins, then I pull it off.

    If NC wins I also come in second in my money bracket. $50.00 My stupid pick if MN going to sweet 16 is costing me an additional $250.00. Remember kids, when it comes to cash, go with your head, not your heart.

    1. Remember kids, when it comes to cash, go with your head, not your heart.

      Similar situation here in mine. I'll come in third for $80 if Gonzaga wins, but that could have been $300 if I didn't bet as a homer.

      Then again, my head doesn't know squat about college basketball, and all of this is luck and coin flips, so maybe complaining would a silly thing for me to be doing right now.

      1. First time I was ever in a tournament I won, and made a decent amount, following my heart. I had no idea what I was doing, had visited my uncle's place in Kentucky earlier that year, watched some local basketball while I was there, and decided Kentucky was my team because of it. There were other heart picks too, but... yeah. It can totally go the right way with the heart, if you're just coin flipping otherwise.

  4. just booked a flight to London (direct from the big easy (!)(OMG)), and then added two nights at a hotel where the good Dr. will meet me when she's finished researching late this summer. The interwebs have made things so easy, and yet when the button to confirm payment doesn't work i find myself full of anger and frustration. I've forgotten how much more difficult it was to book international travel in the dark ages.

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