11 thoughts on “April 5, 2017: Budweiser Deck”

  1. I've taken to try out Tor for my browsing needs now. The trick is remembering to use it over normal Chrome.

    1. Tor is a great project, but terribly slow. There's a lot of pressure on exit nodes, greatly limiting available bandwidth to the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix blocks Tor. If not, the bandwidth might not be good enough for streaming video.

      A better choice would be a VPN you trust. Netflix also blocks VPNs it knows, but you can run your own close to home to get around that and get the most of your internet connection.

      Facebook runs a Tor hidden service actually so you don't have to leave the network. I should look into doing that for the WGOM.

      1. for those of us less tech savvy, any suggestions of reliable info an setting up a (trustworthy) VPN? I'm a luddite who's afraid of big brother with little to no tech knowledge

          1. This is good advice. Finding a provider you trust is the best way. The cheapest way is to find someone you trust to do it for you. The downside is that you need to maintain the VPN and that takes time and effort. Banding together with others can help, assuming you live close together to take advantage of the same node.

  2. KC broadcast discussing how classy Sano is for making a point of talking to them about the loss of Yordana Ventura. That's kind of neat.

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