Game 3: Royals at Twins

Jason Hammel (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. Kyle Gibson (0-0, 0.00 ERA)


Kyle Gibson takes the mound for the first time this year after a rough 2016. This will be an interesting start, though, as we'll get to see if playing four square during the offseason pays off. He's in the last year of his contract, so I hope for both his sake and the team's sake that it works. I have been cautiously optimistic heading into this year (because that's what baseball is all about, ammiright?) and the first couple games haven't done much to bring me back down from that. Of course, it's the pitching that is likely to crush our spirits.

I've been able to watch both games, which means I can give reasonably informed opinions backed up by eye-testy stuff. One of the things I've been most happy about in this SSST is Miguel Sano. Dude looks really good to start the year and I've been impressed by his patience. If it weren't for yesterday's wind he'd have a couple extra dingers.

It'd be really awesome to start the season off with a sweep of the Royals, so let's do that.

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  1. I know ERA is just ERA and all that, but they just outlined the difference between Good Kyle Gibson and Bad Kyle Gibson. He had by far the largest disparity in ERA last year between his wins and losses. He was a full run worse than the next worse guy.

  2. Listening in during my lunch (leftover "Cuban" rice & beans that I made with a big chunk of locally-produced tasso and a pretty heavy dose of Spanish smoked paprika). I might have underserved myself, which could lead to some regrettable foraging if I'm not careful.

      1. Santana called out by Dick as the "Super-Utility Player" who can play six positions. I hope this isn't a Michael Cuddyer thing, where he's willing to do anything but isn't particularly good at those things.

        1. I'm thinking it will be, but worse.

          Also, when Dick said that, all I could think about was more frustration that Park isn't on the roster instead of Grossman.

          1. When a talking point becomes pervasive in anything from pro wrestling to politics, it's a transparent look into organizations and their attempt to control the conversation regardless of the results. It puts me on the defensive when we hear the same terminology across the board.

            Of course, it could be a coincidence, as they may have been standing together when Molitor said "We're going to use this kid as a super-utility player."

        1. Yeah, I don't have to travel far to get to Angels games, but it sure sucks when the 1 game a year you're able to get to for your favorite team turns out to be a blowout loss.

  3. I really like Polanco. I feel like he's one of those underrated players who has the effect of making a team so much deeper.

    1. This Sano Popup brought to you by Pfizer. We're sponsoring this because it's the only play of the game that lasts long enough for us to read a full drug side effect disclosure.

      1. Considering every other Twin seems to be walking all over the place, I'm thinking the "be patient" lessons aren't taking.

        1. He's been better today. The first two games he was overanxious and way out in front on most pitches. Anything he got to hit he pulled foul. Today he's been fouling back or putting in play except against Moylan, who is a RH relief specialist, a sidearmer with a lot of breaking stuff, which is a bad match-up for a guy like Buxton under normal circumstances.

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