Game 10. Twins host Chicago. 7:10pm

Could there be a weather delay? The radar as of this writing looks like its possible.

The Twins are  6-3 and tied for first place! Adalberto Mejia starts for the locals. I saw him in spring training a few times (on FSN, not in Florida) he looked impressive, throwing strikes and working quick. His first regular season start was not as impressive only getting 5 outs. Maybe it was first start of the regular season jitters.

The Sox are 4-4 and in 3rd place. Dylan Covey start and it his major league debut.

I have been rewatching Star Trek Deep Space Nine and found my favorite Worf joke ever (Of course Worf was a character in Next Generation too) It happened in an episode where the crew plays a baseball game against the Vulcans in the Holosuite and its one of my favorite non serious episode of any Star Trek series. (Most Star Trek series are available to binge on Netflix)


53 thoughts on “Game 10. Twins host Chicago. 7:10pm”

  1. And as I hit the publish button, Twitter explodes with picture of a tarp on the field. Enjoy the hockey!

    1. I kind of like them, but if they disappeared I won't cry. At least they are not wearing red hats.

  2. Bert saying Mauer "will not attempt to pull the ball" or hit against the shift.

    1. Wow, I think I'm getting dumber listening to these two talk about Mauer's hitting.

  3. What's the feed? Wild on FSN in my neck of the woods.
    Never mind. Trust the sidebar.

    1. says FSN, but I don't know if that conforms to reality. You might get Hawk if you listen to the Pale Hoser feed.

    2. Never mind. Trust the sidebar.

      Wise choice. I go through every game to check which aren't on FSN or aren't on TV at all.

  4. Buxton get a hold of one, only to hit the umpire who is standing inches in foul territory. All the bad breaks are happening to him right now.

      1. I think there was talk of Polanco getting some instruction from David Eckstein in spring training. That one-hop throw could have been a result of that.

  5. Gross man would've been safe if he hadn't been pulling up running into the bag.

    1. The field itself looks like it's in pretty good shape, The field itself looks like it's in pretty good shape. Pretty good drainage system I guess. I suppose the primary factor for calling it is the pitcher's ability to grip the ball.

  6. Time for a cocktail: tequila, falernum, fresh squeezed OJ, and habañero bitters.

  7. Is it just me, or do the Wild players seem to get knocked over by the Blues a lot?

    1. Also, when they post up by the goal, do they seem to be a little too far up/next too and not in front of the net? Is that normal? Good? I'm genuinely curious.

    1. Wild with a goal given up 4 on 4. Of course. They look good possession wise, but in no other way.

        1. I knew they were gonna shit the bed in the playoffs, didn't know if would be this early though.

          1. It's just going to make the series win all that much more impressive, especially since they have yet to score an even-strength goal in this series.

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