April 17, 2017: It’a All Happeniiiiing

Some of the money transfer has started for the show I'm writing. Everything always has a chance of falling apart, but this sure seems real, and writer meetings have started.

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  1. Today is the 50th anniversary of Kathrine Switzer's first official female running of the Boston Marathon.

      1. Plus she was disqualified for running with the men. Clearly she should have run with the women instead.

        1. I guess I missed that part of the story, since it wasn't included in several accounts I've read.


          Today is the 50th anniversary of Kathrine Switzer's first female officially registered-running of the Boston Marathon.

          Does that meet your requirements, Rhu? She was a female, and she was officially registered, and she ran (and completed) the race. The application neither provided for registration by sex/gender nor specified that she could not run. She paid her fee, got her materials (including bib number) and participated. šŸ™‚

            1. I had to re-read this several times, then NBBW explained it to me. She met her at the NYC Marathon last year, and she ran again today.

    1. NBBW ran the 121st today - hot and sunny - not her best time, but still she had a good run.

      I on the other hand was planning to do work planning session all day remotely at my hotel in Cambridge. Discovered this AM that there were no call-in options, so motored down to H'istan (2 hr drive) only to discover that I was the only one on the call in the conference room (natch). Then motored back up to Cambridge to take my runner out for dinner.

    1. I find in surprising that Tom Browning won 20 games as a rookie and didn't get single first-place ROY vote. Coleman at least had above-average OBA and 110!!! stolen bases, which makes up a lot for his complete lack of power, especially as an NL leadoff batter.

      1. but Coleman's rookie year was worth +2.4 rWAR. Coincidentally, about what Revere's second season was worth (+2.6)

  2. So, my daughter is turning 10(!!!!!) next week. The following weekend we are having a birthday party for her. It was expensive -- per child price was very high, so we limited number of kids that could come and my daughter had to do extra work to get this party.

    One of the parents of a girl who is invited informed my wife that her daughter may or may not be coming because they've decided to use my daughter's party as ransom. If she doesn't do what they want, she can't go to a party that I paid a pretty good sum to allow her to go. Not only that, but my daughter would have invited someone else if she had known this kid couldn't be there.

    People are the absolute worst.

    1. That's gross.

      My sister-in-law will use planned breakfast dates with the kids' grandparents as ransom. She has cancelled the dates on occasion. These nephews are getting old enough that we might plan some things to get alone time with each of them and we've already decided we will be putting our foot down if she tries that shā€¦stuff with us.


    2. Whoa, that's messed up, man. No need to go into details, but I am confused (naive) about what shirt of thing a ten year olds birthday party could be used for.

      It'll really suck for that kid to have such assholes as parents.

      1. You know, reading puns comment below I think I was a bit harsh and confused. For since reason, I thought they wanted your daughter to do something or their daughter wouldn't go. It's been a long day.

        Considering the nature of the party, I'd they're aware of the cost it's a dick move, but not as bad as I initially thought.

      2. Keep it in the house. She's humiliated this kid by texting my wife to inform her that she might not be coming. So the kid knows that she's been humiliated already. Originally we thought that this was a weird threat that was going to be resolved the day of that text. Now several days later, it's clear that the kid is still on the hook. This party is 12 days from now. Apparently, she's gonna hold this party over this kid's head for the better part of three weeks. This girl is a little sweetheart and eight years old. She's also a very hard worker on the ice (she skates with Miss SBG), so if that's any indication, she's a good kid. To be punished like this is outrageous.

        1. WHAT? Sports parents with unreasonable expectations and demands on their kids? Why, I never....

    3. Heh... impromptu Father Knows Best post....
      I get the concept of wanting to make sure your kids behave by giving and/or taking away privileges for behavior, but it's always sketchy when you involve things like this. For instance, I don't think I would ever use church youth group in this regard, because I want him to go to youth group and I want him to be exposed to Christian teaching. But I will totally use minecraft or television as leverage.

    1. and 44.9% were non-families.

      I wonder if non-families ever have breakfast together. They're never featured in Eggo's ads.

        1. I've had a lot of success writing letters with the offer of providing baseball / postage reimbursement. I try to make sure I distinguish myself from dealer / reseller....

          1. I never got a baseball through the mail, but as a kid I got a lot of autographed baseball cards (handwritten letters in a kid's handwriting probably helped). I just mailed them with a prepaid SASE, and a lot of players sent them back signed. Of course, I have no idea what happened to any of them.

            1. Those are referred to as TTM (through the mail) autos, as opposed to IP (in person) autos. There is no guarantee that it wasn't the clubhouse attendant signing the TTM, unfortunately, but a lot of people enjoy sending those, and there are several places that list mailing addresses for players.

  3. Nothing like being woken up at 3 in the morning to clean up your kid's massive pile of puke.

    On the bright side, it was on tile in her bathroom.And not alcohol- or drug-related.

    On the less bright side, boy, does partially fermented yellow dal and roasted squash stink.

    1. Pretty sure I was in second grade when I puked from the top bunk onto the linoleum floor of my bedroom. I have a distinct memory of having eaten teriyaki & pizza that day, so I guess the heavy stomach seas were a result of that interaction. Pops was not amused, but said later that he had no idea puke could bounce. I guess the splash effect from the high-altitude drop was pretty epic.

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