2017 Game 14: Cleveland at Twins

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
Two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one... 
(Playing the Twins excepted)

One run, another loss.  The Twins, inspired by their hockey cousins across the river, have scored just one run in four of their last seven games, including the last two, resulting in all losses.  Clearly the mantra from the other side is “just score two boys, and we’ll be alright.”  Given Cleveland’s early pitching woes, yesterday was especially frustrating.

Phil Hughes up against Josh Tomlin today at 7:10p.  Even though it’s pretty rainy all day, things look to clear up this evening.  Hopefully Twins bats emerge from the cloud as well.

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  1. Bert is impressed that Grossman has "only" 6 SO in 32 AB. Unless I'm mistaken, that's a 100+ SO pace assuming he gets 550 AB.

      1. Absolutely. I'm just a little amused that a 100 SO pace is considered modest. Then again, maybe that is when to a guy who retired as 3rd all-time in punchouts.

        1. Yeah. Guess I took that comment a bit differently. I thought it was more informed than he's been.

    1. Well, relatively speaking, it's pretty good. Mauer and Polanco are the only ones of the regulars with lower K rates. He's also well below his career rate of 25%.

  2. And the race is on to see who gives up their rotation spot to Berrios first: Gibson or Hughes. I'm guessing Hughes, unless he suddenly regains velocity. It's really hard to reinvent yourself, especially over the age of 30 at the MLB level. Plus, Gibson is due for a Good Gibson game.

    1. Gibson at -0.3 fWAR versus Hughes' 0.1 fWAR. Similar gap in rWAR but with Gibson rounding down to -0.4 rWAR. Gibson is easily the worst pitcher 13 games in.

      1. I would agree that Gibson has been worse so far (although Hughes had 1 game saved in the first inning by a couple Buxton catches), but I don't think either is getting moved anytime soon and I think Gibson has a better chance at success in the near term.

    2. Hughes is due $39.6 million between now and the end of his contract. I'm not sure what they do with him if he's not in the rotation. Meanwhile, Mejia doesn't even have a tenth of a year of service time.

        1. I'm fine with Mejia learning on the job, but I also think Gibson should get more than three starts to rule himself out of the rotation. I also think Berrios should be in the rotation, but I don't know how they free up a spot without cutting bait prematurely on Gibson or Hughes. If they belonged in the rotation three starts ago, they probably should get at least double that before getting the hook. Sending Mejia to Rochester represents the most convenient solution.

      1. Pay another team to have him? Trade with San Diego and a low level minor league and pay Hughes contract.

  3. Don't like that bunt in that situation. Even if successful, we still only have the bases loaded and 2 outs. He was the tying run at the plate and he has the power to hit it out. And even a single to the outfield will likely score a run.

  4. One of the things I love about baseball that doesn't show up in any box score are the small favors catchers & umps do for one another when someone needs to walk off a foul tip.

  5. Molitor, in a seemingly blatant attempt to convince bosses to reduce size of bullpen, sends up Danny Santana as a pinch hitter, who, of course, strikes out. Rosario has to be thinking, "I could have done that!" Santana has a career .647 OPS vs. lefties. Rosario has a career .691 OPS vs. lefties.

    1. They're shaking hands in the dugout, so Chen is being taken out with a no-no after 7. This will be much discussed by Dodger fans, especially if the reliever(s) give up a hit or, worse, blow the 4-0 lead.

      1. This will be much discussed by DodgerMarlins fans.

        I see Mattingly and I still am thinking he's the Dodgers manager. Oh well, they didn't get the no-hitter. Mitch Haniger with a one-out double in the 9th off Kyle Barraclough.

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