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      1. To some degree, maybe, but most actors I know would trade money for credibility and are terrified of being thought of as talentless on a large scale.

        1. From what I read, he's quit acting, not wanting to be thought a "fraud". Net worth = $12M, so not bad

          Sounds like he's not looking for more work, so that photo is as good as any

  1. Was driving to work last night and I got a text telling me that my federal return was accepted. Didn't get my Minny one, so I made a mental note: check this when you get to hotel. I forgot. This morning I woke up at 5:00 AM, thinking that I hadn't paid my state taxes (and I did have to pay in). Checked it this morning: yep, I did file. I wish I'd checked last night so that I could have slept longer this morning.

    1. Second year running we've had to, somewhat unexpectedly, pay in. Though still well below the politically delineated (and now widely accepted) "rich people" threshold of a combined $250k, we've taken to calling ourselves HENRY's due, in no small part, to the limited discretionary budget* after daycare, mortgage, student loans, insurance and taxes are addressed.

      *I know, I know ... #firstworldproblems

      1. I think a problem no matter what income bracket you're in is that most of us spend up to our income. We would certainly be practically rich if we lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment and had avoided private pre-school and never went out to restaurants.

        1. no matter what income bracket you're in is that most of us spend up to our income

          This is certainly true earlier in a lifetime - hopefully the other older Citizens here also find that is less true now.

        2. "...most of us spend up to our income. We would certainly be practically rich if we ..."

          While factual, I'll relate an anecdote in response.
          I served with a gentleman who - throughout his career - never married or had children, never chose to own or rent a place to stay outside of the ship or base housing, nearly never ate beyond what was served on the ship or base chow hall, did not partake in many of the port visit activities beyond sight-seeing, or otherwise spent much money at all (so far as I know). They guy was excessively frugal; he lived on the cheap and packed away every penny he could - most decidedly did not spend up to his income. Though it was certainly his prerogative, I cannot understand what he derived (or expected) beyond being "practically rich" at the end of 20 years of service. Seemed like so missed opportunities.

          1. I agree. There's definitely a middle ground to shoot for so that you can survive unemployment or other bad times, but are still able to have experiences that make life enjoyable. Of course, so many people don't have the luxury to even consider that.

            I know a guy who had a job he loved, but switched at 55 to a job he hated so he could get a pension and never have to work again after 65. I'd rather continue doing the job I love and see what comes, as I may well die before I hit 65. But I understand both sides. Do what makes you and your loved ones happy, eh.

      2. We always pay in to the state because my wife has a fairly substantial amount of investment income that she enjoys but for which there is no withholding.

  2. Starling Marte's suspension is disappointing news. My mentor is a long-time (back to the late Fifties) Pirates fan, and Pittsburgh's recent run of success has been a pleasant development in our shared baseball enthusiasms. Absorbing a suspension like that is pretty tough for a team with the Pirates' limitations.

    The Leyland-era Pirates were my original NL rooting interest, likely initially inspired by the bumblebee uniforms, pillbox caps, & Stargell stars, which were all still on display for two of my all-time favorite baseball card sets ('86 & '87 Topps). I've never been to Pittsburgh, which looks absolutely beautiful, and visiting PNC Park is the top of my baseball to-do list. Hard to believe that ballpark is seventeen years old.

    1. PNC is on top of my list of parks to hit. I just don't really have any other reason to go to Pittsburgh and it isn't close enough to anything else.

      1. I lobbied hard for a stopover in Pittsburgh on our road trip to/from the Outer Banks a couple years back. I'm going to revisit that as we begin planning a return trip next year.

        1. My dad recently told me he really wants to get to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Maybe we'll do a guys' road trip.

    1. Those metrics include the position bonus in them. If playing shortstop, you have to be Jeteresque to get a negative value. Checking FanGraphs and UZR isn't in yet so it's 100% being a shortstop. For BR, DRS does give him a +3 at shortstop so his defensive WAR isn't purely being a shortstop. Personally, I've never liked the defense or offense WAR. FanGraphs splits it out a bit better, but only barely.

      1. Yeah. The splits by themselves make it difficult to understand intuitively how good someone is. If someone at first base, for example, has a defensive WAR of 0.2, that is probably really good actually.

  3. Twins rained out. Will be made up June 17. I am home alone most of the day today (more than most weekdays), so of course June 17 is my anniversary. Thanks, Twins. At least the Wild play tonight, although they'll have to take the lead for me to actually be engaged in the game.

  4. It has been a weird day in one of my worlds. A political scientist I only knew indirectly (as a friend of many of my friends) committed suicide, and announced that he had in a long, clinical, existentialist and disturbing (but not conventionally "depressed") blog post that he scheduled to appear after the fact.

    The whole thing is distressing and hard to fathom.

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