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    1. It does! Well, either that or some sort of thing that's about to go into orbit. (I saw it before it changed.)

  1. I mentioned this late yesterday. I don't want to turn us into voyeurs, but the farewell note that he left is both profoundly disturbing and deserving of being read widely. Spoilered.

    Read at your own discretion SelectShow

    Also, someone needs to shut down the comments on his blog. The cockroaches have found it and they are disgusting.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I found it interesting to read about a man who was completely self aware that he didn't work the same way as most of us work. It certainly makes me think about some friends and colleagues, though I don't have any more understanding in how to bridge the gap.

    2. I don't know the guy but I still feel angry at him. I feel for his family. And his co-workers he named in this post.

    3. Woah. This is something that I never expected to encounter, and it is deserving of a wide reading.

      Not really comfortable talking about this, but what the hell SelectShow

      Ultimately, I agree with algonad's anger with this dude, but I totally understand the process that led him to this terrible decision.

      1. Heavy stuff there meat ... nearly lost an immediate family member to suicide (learned later they were closer than I ever realized they'd been ...) after years of first ignorance about, and then denial of their depression. Hell of a thing.

    4. I've got lots of muddled thoughts here, few positive.
      I'm glad it wasn't someone I knew.
      He should have at least tried cashing out his possessions and living as a hermit in the woods, perhaps learning a craft or something.
      Some folk in Alaska make things and just sell them out of a display room on an honor system. (Priced as stickered, put cash in the box and take it.)

  2. Both me and my child are mildly autistic, though neither of us struggle with empathy or picking up the tone of a room and I'm grateful for that. I suspect this guy is more moderately autistic than mildly autistic. I've worked with adults who are tone deaf like him and I can see the torment they go through just having the most basic conversations and get genuinely shocked even after the 100th time someone has used sarcasm they didn't get or were offended by something they say. I find it curious that while his kids lived with him, suicide never entered his mind but when they left home it came right back. It's like his role as provider made sense and blocked the suicidal thoughts. But once he was no longer a provider (at least in the concrete day-to-day sense) the interactions with his loved ones didn't provide him with a sense of purpose anymore.

    I have more thoughts but they aren't concrete.

    1. I have seen many testimonials from various mutual friends in political science. The guy inspired a lot of love and respect in life, and shock and confusion in his death.

  3. Last week, the jalapeno decided baseball is great (woo!) and now he wants all the necessary gear. Any recommendations for a good place in town to get a glove and bat? I want to make sure he's getting stuff that's the right size for him,

    1. At his age, assuming you don't want to spend too much, a Wal-Mart or Target should have a decent enough size selection, plus they'll be somewhat broken-in already (and/or not require breaking in like a *real* glove) and easier to use.

      I actually played catch with Aquinas at Wal-Mart to figure out what size worked best for him.

    2. Also, how much batting/playing catch has he done in the backyard? Will he be playing organized ball of any stripe this summer? I think if he's just starting out a good number of plastic balls and a tee can be a tremendously useful tool for helping him develop a swing.

    3. I can give you a kid's glove. I'm sure we still have them. I plan on cleaning the garage soon. Only issue is delivery.

        1. Ha! You could also email me . . . I'm sure I can work out a time to pick it up from you. (Thank you!)

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  4. Madison Bumgarner has started 4 games this season. His run support:

    Madison Bumgarner: 2 runs scored (2 solo HR)
    Rest of Giants put together: 3 runs scored

    1. My good friend bartendened and managed at a sake distillery and Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis. They had multiple TV's, at least one of which was always playing Japanese television (we watched a ton of MXC, sumo matches and Sasuke) ... this reminds me of that. Good times.

    2. If I still taught physics, I would absolutely use that video in class to demonstrate moment of inertia.

    1. Man, I turned that game on early in the third, but then it was time to work on getting the kids to bed so I turned it off thinking the Cavs were just not in it. I come back from that and they're winning by 4 with 2:00 to go. I definitely missed out.

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