48 thoughts on “Game 16. Twins hosting Detroit”

  1. That little opposite field noman's land single by Miggy Cabrera opened the floodgates.

    1. Yep. He and possibly Billy Hamilton are the only players that, that could even be considered a hit. That would have to mean the scorekeeper thought he would beat it out without the bobble, which if true, the shortstop really played it poorly because he didn't charge the ball or throw on the run. It is definitely fun, though, to watch infielders panic when Buxton is running to first.

    1. If they're using the numbers from Statcast, then it's going to be higher this year. Statcast measures the velocity from release while PitchF/X measured a little bit later, in effect being 1-2 mph lower.

  2. "...and a mere $50,000 donation will put you into our Platinum Donor group, and your name will be mentioned on a future Twins telecast by Tink Larson, himself!"

    1. I would love if someone donation $50,000 ... or heck even $1,000 to my baseball field . It would go a long ways!

  3. I do like that Torii is poking holes in the idea that somehow twenty years ago the game was some gut instinct thing with absolutely no analytics.

    "There was a cheat sheet in Byron's back pocket! Did they have any of that stuff when you were starting? "

    "well, yeah. Definitely. "

  4. Nice play by Santiago, there.

    I think the fact that he was involved in the Nolasco trade automatically soured me on Santiago. Like if he was traded one for one for a pitcher that bad, he couldn't be any good.

    1. He's the anti-Nolasco. Nolasco has always underperformed his FIP. Santiago has always overperformed his FIP. People are leery of Santiago because the underlying metrics aren't as good, but I will always take the performance over the metrics. It helps that Santiago is left-handed. The longer he has success, the more it becomes evident that it's not luck or defense that's helping him succeed. Also, for his career, his opp. BA w/ RISP is .191. With 2 outs and RISP, it is .181. For Nolasco, his career splits are with no one on base, .266. Otherwise, it is .290.

      1. I'm certainly in the minority, but I would rather watch Nolasco than Santiago. Nolasco has great stuff and, while it didn't work in Minnesota, has worked elsewhere. Santiago just throws slop.

    2. The fact that his first few games as a Twin weren't very good probably confirmed your initial feeling.

  5. It's way too early, of course, but Verlander is the pitcher of record at the moment, and he's never lost at Target Field.

  6. Puppies!

    I will say this for Torii as a broadcaster: it's unlikely we'll get a lot of venom against Joe while he's in the booth.

  7. The 6 walks tonight were the 5th time this season already that they've had at least that many. They did that just 22 times all of last season. The Twins are on pace to do it around 50 times this season.

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