27 thoughts on “April 27, 2017: The Something”

  1. My best employee just resigned. Well, maybe not best, but hardest working. She worked herself too hard and has burnt completely out. Spent a year trying to help her slow down but looks like her nature didn't allow her to. But yeah, working 60 hour weeks and losing sleep at night will get to you.

    1. Jane's the type to run herself into the ground too, but at least recognizes it. She's actively ducked promotions as she wants nothing to do with thankless stress and hours that have crumbled previous managers. Can't blame her.

      I think I have the opposite problem. Hopefully it balances out.

    2. But yeah, working 60 hour weeks and losing sleep at night will get to you.

      I can relate.

  2. The Rochester Red Wings are playing a morning game today. Ehire Adrianza is playing is playing left field, the first time in his career (majors, minors, or winter ball) that he has played the outfield. Red Wings broadcaster Josh Whetzel is speculating that, if he shows he can play there, the Twins will bring him up to replace Danny Santana.

    1. Huh. Adrianza's .825 OPS across 449 PA in AAA is almost entirely buoyed by his time in the PCL, and his .605 OPS in 331 PA with San Francisco suggests there's more than a little air in that – even with his improvement from a 59 OPS+ in 2015 to 82 last season (in just over half the PA, though).

      Then again, Santana's last two years have been so far removed from his rookie season that they're not really recognizable as the same player. He's only a year younger, so it's not cutting bait on a young guy for another Juan Castro. I wasn't particularly impressed by Santana's first-pitch ground out when he pinch hit for Rosario the other day. If you're being put in the game to get a look at some live pitches, don't end your AB on the first one, dude!

  3. socal was right and I was wrong--Nik Turley is coming up to Rochester. He is expected to be there tomorrow.

  4. Saw this personalized license plate today, "THE 666". I'm not one to put much stock in such things, but it made me wonder about the person behind it and their reasoning.

  5. The great thing about not needing that fifth starter.

    1. Molitor will use each one of them for two-thirds of an inning and complain about being short in the bullpen.

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