Game 22. Twins at KC 7:15pm.

The Twins travel to Kansas City for a weekend series. The weather tonight looks fine for baseball, but rain chances Saturday and Sunday.

Is the the last stand for Kyle Gibson? LaVelle E Neal III seems to think so.

Maybe Gibson need a change of scenery?  Or maybe he would be better suited for a bullpen role since he can't seem to make it twice through a batting order (Gibson's career slash line for 2nd time through the order: .296/.356/.472/.827 yikes!)

The Royals have Ian Kennedy starting. They are scuffling right now, going 2-8 in their last 10 games.


69 thoughts on “Game 22. Twins at KC 7:15pm.”

  1. It always seems to me like Gibson just doesn't trust his own stuff. He can get to strike 2, and then melts down trying to finesse the corners and edges of the zone. Once he walks someone or groove es a get-me-over strike and it gets pounded, he loses his focus and the outing unravels.

    1. I think he only can do that. FanGraphs recently rated him as the third best edge-thrower and first in staying at the edges. The author attributes it to what he has to do in order to be (or vaguely resemble) an MLB pitcher. I don't think he melts down but rather must nibble. His issues would be when he's just missing rather than just hitting "the black".

  2. I can't decide whether to watch this game, watch NBA playoffs or watch one of the Marvel movies I have borrowed from my friend Jared (next up is Captain America: Winter Soldier). So naturally, I'm sitting here listening to music and not making a decision.

      1. Well, now it seems my decision to go with Wizards-Hawks is paying off, even if I haven't gone with Winter Soldier yet.

        I did watch Iron Man 3 earlier today, and rather liked it. Just yesterday I decried the predictability of superhero fare, but this movie most definitely was an exception. The Mandarin twist was way out there.

        1. I really hate that the NBA playoffs are on TNT because they don't have a Roku app, so I forget about games all the time. And now I see that tonight's games are on ESPN, but my point still stands.

          I think I'm gonna play some Mass Effect and watch that wizards - hawks game on a tablet because I just can't watch Gibson anymore.

          1. My younger daughter just got home from an event and reminded me that we're two episodes behind in Big Brother Canada. So I guess that decides that.

  3. The Royals are wearing gold uni numbers & KC cap logo...why? They're not the defending champs of anything.

        1. yeah, literally off the top of the wall. that ball must have had a massive amount of spin when it hit.

  4. Dick keeps describing the bobblehead giveaway as "Rusty Kuntz with real hair" like he means something by it.

    1. Perhaps it's vindictive, but it was fun to see Joe pickin' it at first when the batter was Gordon. Seems like Gordon is on the receiving end of a lot of Mauer's well-hit balls to left.

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