What’s for Breakfast?

I've been eating cereal and milk for breakfast since the dawn of time, but lately I've been feeling the need for something different. (Spring fever much?) This morning's experiment went pretty well. What are your favorite breakfasts?

24 thoughts on “What’s for Breakfast?”

  1. I'm currently making avocado toast with bacon and goat cheese and a side of sweet potato hash browns.

    1. NBBW thumbs up your avocado creation - her avocado toast is topped with citrus salt (sea salt, lemon zest, red pepper flakes, and cumin, all ground together in a pestle). Put an egg on it!

  2. Inspired by this, I decided to make eggs this morning. Omlettes for the kids, over easy with toast for me. Yum.

  3. My usual breakfast is two maple sausages, one of those frozen hash brown patties cooked in the toaster, and two over easy eggs. Sometimes I'll mix it up and wrap it in a tortilla.

    Egg in a hole using a bagel is something I've never thought to do, but sounds awesome.

  4. I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but I love breakfast food. So I often eat it for dinner or snack.

    Breakfast burritos (eggs, cheese, tortilla + whatever else I decide sounds good that day (onions, peppers, beans, avocado/guac, various salsas, etc.) has become my go-to.

    1. While I very much need to eat breakfast shortly after I wake up, I definitely don't think breakfast food should be consumed only in the morning. (And the burrito sounds delicious!)

        1. Well that didn't work. Picture Ron and Leslie, and you should know what I was trying to reference.

  5. Pancakes and fruit for me. Way more exciting than the bowl of Cheerios I usually eat midweek.

  6. I'm az so it was slim pickings. Went with scrambled eggs with kalamata olives, garlic and sun dried tomatoes in EVOO. Side of back and part of a french loaf.

  7. Made savory omelettes and blueberry pancakes with bacon/sausages and mimosas for brunch for five half-marathoners here in Nashville, TN today. Warm temps made for an exhausting run.

  8. I don't eat breakfast, but I do eat eggs for lunch quite often. I spray a microwave safe bowl with canola oil nonstick spray, scramble 3 eggs in it with real bacon bits. Microwave for 90 seconds. Stir it. Top with picante sauce and grated colby and cheddar cheese. Microwave for another minute.

        1. Wikipedia has a list. Scanning through it, Beltré hit one as a Mariner and two as a Ranger, Cuddyer has one each as a Twin and Rockie, Gómez has one each as a Twin and now Ranger, Babe Herman has two as a Robin (same year!) and one as a Cub, Olerud has one each as a Met and Mariner, Jimmy Ryan has one each as a White Stocking and Colt (pre-1900), Chris Speier has one each as an Expo and Giant, Bob Watson has one each as an Astro and Red Sock, and Brad Wilkerson has one each as an Expo and National (technically two teams).

          Counting that up and I get nine players.

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