18 thoughts on “April 30, 2017: Moved In?”

    1. Not gonna lie, seeing kc at the bottom makes me smile. (this is almost entirely due to my dislike of Hosmer and Moustakas's stupid faces.)

  1. With that win, Chelsea officially eliminates Man City, Man United, and Arsenal from the EPL title.

  2. Through six innings, Jose Berrios has allowed one hit and two walks while striking out five. The game is in a scoreless tie going to the bottom of the sixth.

  3. Mike Trout finished April with 70 total bases.
    The single season record is 457 by Babe Ruth in 1921.
    Something to keep an eye on.
    Also, Trout was at 2.1 rWAR coming into todays game, he is pretty good!

    1. Ruth only had 38 total bases in April of that year. He did however have three months of over 90.

      1. You said not to, but I looked anyway and yeah he is. Good for him. Shame its with the Yankees, but still I hope he keeps it up.

    2. I can't believe this is only his seventh season, for some reason. It seems like he's been around forever.

  4. Sano batted .316/.443/.684 in April. He led the AL in RBIs and walks and was third in OPS and tied for third in home runs with 7. His slugging is higher than Dozier's OPS. Max Kepler also quietly had a .280/.368/.467 April. Also, Buxton had 9 walks in 22 games after having 6 walks in 46 games his rookie season. He didn't get his 9th walk last season until his 55th game.

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