Game 23: Twins @ Royals

Miguel Sanó is appearing pretty good at baseball, folks. It's still early in the season, but he's at or near the top of a ton of the meaningful offensive Leaderboards, and his defense has thus far passed the eye test.


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  1. UZR is out for 2017 and it puts Sano at -0.2 so far this season and a -0.5 UZR/150. Way above league average bat with league average fielding? Yes please.

    1. I would say that agrees with the eye test, too. He's looked downright competent,enough so that I'm now angrier about the outfield experiment .

      I would not mind if they signed him to a ten year extension, like, right now.

  2. I am seeing it with my own eyes, but I still refuse to believe Whit Merrifield is a real person.

  3. Through eight innings, Berrios has given up no runs on two hits and two walks with seven strikeouts. Rochester scored four in the seventh to take a 4-0 lead. Berrios has thrown 98 pitches, so I assume he's done for the day. His ERA is now 1.09.

  4. Hughes has enough trouble getting three outs in an inning. We really didn't need to make him get four.

      1. And in fairness to Hughes, most pitchers are going to have trouble when you make them get four outs in an inning.

        1. I also thought those were two pretty good pitches that lead to the runs. Two runs on a dumb play and junk.

  5. It's really pretty amazing how much of a weapon the base on balls has been for the Twins so far this year.

  6. You obviously can't base your offense on it, but it is fun when you can frustrate the other team with infield singles.

      1. The odds of him getting any more ups tonite are infinitessimal. I bet 6x6 is a team record.

        1. He was the only Nats starter with an OPS+ under 100 (54) before today's game. I have a feeling it will be above 100 after today

    1. As much as I'd like to forget April 2016, it's easier to deal with when making Sano look good.

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