34 thoughts on “Game 25: Oakland at Minnesota”

  1. Hector Santiago slows the pace of the game when runners are on base. Not Mike Pelfrey slow, but he is in the area.

  2. Joe Mauer had 5 walks on the season coming into today , he has got two tonight.

    1. Also only has six strikeouts so far this year. His contact percentage is 93.7% and in the zone, his contact percentage is 97.8%. His swing percentage is below his career average and the last several years, but not below some peak years in the mid-2000s. He's swinging at less than recent past but making contact. I wonder if his batting style is transitioning into a high-contact, low-walk/strikeout batter.

  3. Vargas has all 5 RBIs in this game. Sano came within an inch against the Royals of driving in all 6 runs of that game. I wonder what the record is for most RBIs in a game in which the batter drove in every run.

    1. The Twins' center fielder made it to third in 10.73 seconds, which is the fastest triple on record this year and the third fastest of Buxton's career. His personal best is 10.69 seconds, which came last season.

  4. Yes, Castro is batting south of .200, but just look what he has done with the Twins starters, with Sano's batting and defense, with the batters' new found patience at the plate; he has to be the MVP of the team so far, and the Twins' FO are due some awards for picking him up. #yeahwhateveritwasstillagoodmove

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