Game 27. Red Sox at Minnesota.

I've been off the grid most of the day but saw the Twins DFA'd Danny Santana. I bet some National League team like the Pirates claims him.


Phil Hughes on the mound. I have a feeling its going to be one of those games where he gives up like 6 solo HRs. Eduardo Ramirez for Boston.

Oh Goody, Jack Morris is doing commentary for FSN. Bring back Torii Hunter!

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  1. That was a strange triple for Sano. Everyone but the RFer (who missed it) that it was going to be foul. The ball caromed off the wall almost back to the infield!

  2. Where is everyone? There's so much to celebrate already!

    I'm at the game in a suite. There's a ton of Senators history pics leading up to the suite. It's fantastic up here.

  3. This is the 3rd half inning Bremer and Morris have been talking about the O's-Red Sox brew-ha-ha. Time for the mute button,

  4. Dick talking about how the bullpen is "all tapped out." I don't understand how he can even say that with a straight face considering all the off-days and Santana starts.

    1. Maybe "all tapped out" is the company line fore "our relief corps is not very good"

    2. I want to bang my head against the wall after hearing that because 2 games ago, Santiago was taken out of the game after just 87 pitches. Gee, I wonder why the bullpen gets overused.

      1. Dozier's was on the black but Grossman and Kepler watched them go dead center.

        1. Well, I was referring to the game in general. I do remember Grossman's. That was awful. Sano had an AB taken away from him by a couple of high strike calls.

        1. Pressly has good strikeout and walk rates. His hit and home run rates are very, very not good though.

    1. That would've been entertaining... but I would accept a walk-off single.

    1. My foresight was off just a little bit. I foresaw a lefty batter taking a pitch up and out of the strike zone to the opposite field for a home run and figured it had to be Rosario.

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. His response to that comment from the interviewer was, "Well, I saved it for the right moment - 13. ... 14 years." Then he thanked the crowd for their presence. Class.

      1. Nice.

        The thing with Mauer in late inning situation , for many year was was getting nothing to hit or being IBB'd. Cant hit dingers when the baseball is not close to the plate.

  6. More emotion on display than I think I've ever seen outta him. (I might have woke up the kids too)

  7. The Twins have hit 11 home runs in the last 4 games. Dozier and Mauer have 2 a piece. Sano, Castro, Buxton, Vargas, Rosario, Santana, and Escobar have the others.

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