37 thoughts on “May 11, 2017: L’Γ‰toile du Nord”

  1. Not sure why they didn't reschedule yesterday's game to this afternoon. Partly cloudy and low-60s so far. If they had, I probably would have ditched work and headed down there as I'm guessing attendance would have been sparse enough to walk down to some choice seats.

    1. In the minor leagues they do that all the time--play a doubleheader the next day after a rainout. It rarely happens in the majors unless it's a team's last trip into town or something. I don't know why. It might be the "sparse attendance" factor, or it could be that managers just don't like playing a doubleheader on short notice.

  2. In case you were worried that the deifying of Derek Jeter was anywhere near the end, MLB.com is running a "Jeet 16" tournament where you can vote on sixteen of his career accomplishments in tournament format.

    1. Getting an email with RE2PECT in the headline wasn't something I wanted today.

  3. Hey HJ, Redd Kross playing in Chicago tonight. Place called the Empty Bottle (I think). Well worth the trip if you can swing it.

  4. From LEN3:

    I had the Rochester radio announcer, Josh Wetzel, on KFAN last week, and he said Berrios has been effective throwing 91-93 mph fastballs and not the 95-96 heaters we have seen in the past. Falvey believes Berrios is throwing more sinkers, which would explain the velocity.

    The big adjustment for Berrios is mental: trusting that he has the stuff to get major league hitters out. With the Twins rotation the way it is right now, I can't see him staying down there much longer.

    1. The Rochester Red Wings have TBA listed for the starting pitcher on Saturday and the Twins said that Tepesch is available out of the bullpen tonight. Hmmmm...

      1. I just did. For an underpayment in 2015 as I missed giving a 1099 to my accountant. Those guys sure don't miss much.

  5. I like fish as much (maybe more) than the next guy, but I simply cannot abide someone microwaving fish in the community lunch space.
    Not Cool, you inconsiderate dope.

    1. I get about three calls a week. I also haven't donated in three years.

      I will not be giving them my new phone number whenever we end up moving.

      1. You have to get a new phone number when you move? Your cell provider must hate you.

        1. We have a land line for just such annoyances.

          In my opinion, it's too much to pay to keep the Red Cross from bothering me when simply not giving them my number would accomplish the same thing, but what do you do?

          1. I feel sorry for the guy/gal whose digits are one number off from my phone number that i always use if i HAVE to surrender a one for unnecessary purposes. Hope you're not getting too many calls.

            1. I always give them my former employer's number... that guy deserves to be annoyed from time to time.

    1. Bo, you and I have lived similar (ish) lives. My roommate in dulyouth was from scandia and hated that water tower.

      1. did not deplane. AND they had no services on the flight* due to "expected turbulence"

        *which means the flight crew told the captain they wanted a rest this flight

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