FMD 5/12/17 – Fire

I live on a farm site. There is a large grove. In that grove are a few piles of... stuff. Yesterday afternoon one of those piles spontaneously combusted, so a lot of time was spent hauling water out there and moving sprinklers around and just standing around looking at the flames and/or embers.

Anyway, give us your best "fire" song, and be as creative as you feel inspired to be.

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  1. Spontaneously combusted? I suddenly feel that my entire life is very boring.

    1. Well there wasn't any external heat source, so I guess that's what you'd call it?

      1. That's what folks get for putting coke bottles and oily rags on the same part of the pile.

        1. Pretty sure this particular spot was exclusively (or nearly) biological materials.

        2. I have a friend that had batteries and pennies create a fire in his pocket. Really wish I would have been there.


    2017/05/12 - FMD

    01. “Exactly Where I’m At” – WeenWhite Pepper
    02. “Ghosts” – Laura MarlingAlas I Cannot Swim
    03. “Long Wat” – Khun NarinII
    04. “Rip This Joint” – Rolling StonesExile On Main St
    05. “I Hung It Up” – Junior BrownSemi-Crazy
    06. “Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk” – Rufus Wainwright - Poses
    07. “Webbie (feat. Duke)” – Young ThugNo, My Name Is JEFFERY
    08. “Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset” – Modest MouseThis Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
    09. “My Last Song To Jenny” – The Avett BrothersA Carolina Jubilee
    10. “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” – WilcoA Ghost Is Born


  3. 1. “Creep” – Radiohead
    2. “Feel It Still” – Portugal. The Man
    3. “Wonderwall” – Oasis
    4. “We Get On” – Kate Nash
    5. “It Shook Me Up” – J.D. McPherson
    6. “I Feel It All” – Feist
    7. “I Should Have Known Better” – She & Him
    8. “Heavy Metal Drummer” – Wilco
    9. “It Was A Sin” – Revivalists
    10. “I Palindrome I” – TMBG
    B: “Don’t Stop Believing” - Journey

    1. Pursuant to the above - YHF was my first exposure to music outside radio (Top 40 & Oldies) and had such a transformative effect. "Heavy Metal Drummer" is my absolute favorite Wilco song. Though the fiddle on "Jesus, Etc." might be my favorite use of an instrument.

  4. After the last cleaning, I've got 5720 tracks on my iPod nano 16GB, 4102 of which are birds. I'm skipping most of those below.

    1. AMRMbeerMbeer
    2. Fovea Hex “Huge (The Joy of Trouble)” Huge
    3. Pan Sonic “Kurnutus”* Kulma
        a. Black Grouse (All the Bird Sounds of Britain and Europe)*
    4. Aaron DillowayChain ShotChain Shot
    5. Coil “Heaven's Blade” The Ape of Naples

    6. Jan St. Werner “Repedron” Miscontinuum Album
    7. Katy B “Broken Record (Jacques Greene Remix)” Broken Record
    8. The Bug feat. Flowdan “Jah War” London Zoo
        b. Common Raven “'Kowa-kowa' Calls in Flight” (Cornell Master Set)
        c. Lincoln's Sparrow “Song” (Cornell Master Set)
        d. Ovenbird “Song Type A1” (The Warbler Guide)
    9. Zola Jesus “Hunger” Taiga
    T. Pan Sonic “Lautturi”* Kesto (234.48:4)
        e. Least Poorwill (Nightjars and Related Nightbirds)
    E. Katy B “Power on Me” On a Mission

    3. "Kurnutus" = "Croaking", "Kulma" = "Angles"
        a. Curated by Jean C. Roché
    T. From Disk 1. "Lautturi" = "Rafter", "Kesto (234.48:4)" = "Duration 234:48.4" (234 minutes, 48.4 seconds or 234 minutes, 48 seconds, 4 discs).
        e. Curated by Richard Ranft and Nigel Cleere

  5. Fire songs:
    "Fire" Jimi Hendrix Experience
    "House Burning Down" Jimi Hendrix Experience
    "Build a Fire" the KLF
    "Fire of the Mind" Coil
    Burnin' The Wailers
    Catch a Fire The Wailers
    "Burn Out" Cinematic Orchestra
    "Burning Nest" Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescaleet
    "Burnt Pride" Lyrics Born
    "Aim for the Flickering Flame" Latyrx
    "Burning Hot in Cali on a Saturday Night"

    1. Birds that I probably have recordings for:
      Coal Tit
      Flame-backed Woodpecker
      Flame-colored Tanager
      Blackburnian Warbler

  6. Here are the Guided By Voices songs with Fire in the Title.

    1 A Portrait Destroyed By Fire
    2 Bed Of Fire
    3 Blaze Of Fire
    4 Fire 'Em Up, Abner
    5 Fire of Love
    6 Firehose Classics
    7 Firehouse Mountain
    8 Firehouse Mountain Pt. 2
    9 Fireking Says No Cheating
    10 Holy Fire
    11 Juvenile Martyrs Behavior Under Fire
    12 Lake Of Fire
    13 PYRRUS (City Of Fire-Bathers)
    14 Starfire
    15 We're On Fire, Babe
    16 You're Talkin' Brotherly Love And You Set My Hand On Fire

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