Game 32 Twins at Cleveland

This is a big series. Cleveland and Minnesota are tied for first place,w ith the Twins having two games in hand, a sweep could make some room at the top. The Twins have the perfect pitcher to continue a long win streak with Ervin Santana. Josh Tomlin starts for the C's. He is coming off his best start of the season (7ip 1r)

Fun fact! With his next run scored, Joe Mauer will reach 900 for his career. He is 5th on the all time Twins list, and only 4 behind Kent Hrbek. If Mauer is helathy and plays all of next year he might be able to catch Kirby (1071) and Harmon (1076 in his Twins years)

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  1. Earlier today, I was at a Cub Foods in Mankato and there was a lifesize (or close to lifesize) cutout of Brian Dozier and they encouraged you to snap a pic and if you post it to social media add a hashtag (I forgot what the tag read). I wish I would have brought my phone.

  2. Pitch down the middle of the plate and Sano hits it the other way for a HR. Sweet!

  3. I didn't know Twitter live streamed baseball games, but the Red Sox-Rays game is on right now.

  4. Mauer tries for a bunt base hit. Remember back in the day when everyone grabbed the pitchforks because Mauer did that?

  5. I think in the not-too-distant future, it won't be all that uncommon for a starting pitcher to get pulled in an inning like the bottom of the fifth: two outs, bases loaded, best power hitter at the plate. The fact that hitter and pitcher are both right-handed will make it less common, but I think that's where the game is trending.

    Joe should have stayed with the bunting idea.

  6. That was Sano's 8th walk this season with 2 outs and no one on base. 5 more have come with 2 outs and first base open with RISP, so he's had 13 walks with two outs and first base open, which is half his walks this season. The Twins really need to find someone to be a power threat behind Sano.

        1. Power doesn't matter per se, but instead the overall quality of the hitter. When there's a big gap, the batter tends to be walked more. There is such a large gap between Sanó's 1.100 OPS and Grossman's .800 or Kepler's .750 that Sanó better be okay with walking a lot.

          1. Yeah, I think the biggest difference this year to last year for Sano is that he's not expanding his zone and is willing to take a walk if they're not going to pitch to him.

  7. This is why I hate playing the Indians. Trailing by a run, 1 out, no one on base and has to make a mid-inning pitching change. That's the one good thing about Tomlin going 8 innings is less pitching changes.

  8. Skim watched some of this one with me. When we struck first, she said that would be enough. I said, no, one run is almost never enough. Now she's strutting around like a peacock.

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