Game 35: Rockies at Twins

Raise your hands if you looked at the Twins schedule and thought this week’s tilt against the Rockies would be between two first place clubs.  Anyone?  The Colorado Rockies are probably one of the surprise teams of the early 2017 season (well besides the Twins) and bring a flashy 24-15 record to Target Field.

Kyle Freeland takes his 2.92 ERA up against Phil Hughes and his 4-1 record.   Some forecast for storms tonight and all week but given this is the only Rockies trip to Target Field in like 6 years, I have a feeling everyone will work hard to get this game and the next two in.  May have to be prepared for some long nights.

Programming Note:  I will need someone to take next Tuesday's game log as I will be here next Tuesday with no wi-fi.

66 thoughts on “Game 35: Rockies at Twins”

  1. Three balls in a row hit to right field. The Rockies seem to have recognized the weakest link.

  2. For anyone who's interested, the "Minor Details" report of yesterday's games has now been posted.

    1. If he was bunting for a hit, and if the defense was set up that there was a good chance he could succeed, I'm okay with it. But if that was primarily a sacrifice, it was a bad play.

        1. It looked a lot like it was an attempt at a hit, where he was trying to put it into no man's land where the pitcher and first baseman would get crossed up on who should get it with the idea of going to the first base side to allow for moving the runner over if he didn't get on.

            1. Oh, heh, I actually missed the first pitch of that at bat so i wasn't aware of that.

  3. Gladden said that last fly ball was "caught by Buxton in right field". I know he's fast enough to do it, and with Grossman in right it's a real possibility, but I suspect something was not correct about that statement.

    1. Both fly outs in the top of the fifth were caught by Buxton. Checking the field view and LeMahieu's is registered as caught in the middle of right field.

    2. No, he was pretty much in right field. Grossman could have caught it easily, as well, but Buxton was there first.

    1. Doesn't help that the Rockies have hit 11 balls to right field, including the homer. They've hit 13 everywhere else.

      1. I bet LaTroy was a Lord Palmerston guy and Kahnle was in the Pitt the Elder camp.

    1. Adalberto Mejia was pulled after three innings last night, leading to speculation that he's coming back to Minnesota as the fifth starter.

        1. Gibson pitched pretty well in his last AAA start, but yes, I think we need to see more than one good start before we conclude anything's changed.

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