FMD 5/19/17 – Score A Baseball Game

Watching the game last night, I heard Target Field play "Let It Be" during the challenge review. "Pretty clever," I thought, before realizing that that's surely happened at football and hockey games too, and long before baseball.

Still... it generated this idea. Go ahead and select the musical score for a baseball game. Here's the standard categories, and add your own as you see fit (or steal from others that others see fit). Heck, suggest a category for others too - no need to have an answer before you ask the question!

Home Run
Intentional Walk
Strikeout (swinging? looking?)
Stolen Base
Caught Stealing
Double Play
Great fielding play
Umpire Review (overturn, uphold)
Injury time out
Pitching change
Second pitching change in an inning
Starter gets pulled after a great outing
Rain delay (just one song)
Delay because of streaker/animal on the field/other unusual
Walkoff win

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    2017/05/19 - FMD

    01. “Super Stupid” – FunkadelicMaggot Brain
    02. “Chiquitita” – ABBAVoulez-Vous
    03. “Landspeed Song” – Tanya DonellyLovesongs For Underdogs
    04. “Ride” – Liz Phair - Whitechocolatespaceegg
    05. “Until We Get There” – LuciusWildewoman
    06. “Brittle Boned” – Julien BakerSprained Ankle
    07. “Peach, Plum, Pear” – Joanna NewsomThe Milk-Eyed Mender
    08. “Time” – Sly And The Family StoneThere’s A Riot Goin’ On
    09. “Steal My Body Home” – BeckMellow Gold
    10. “Times To Die” – Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Style


    1. No.9 would work for a stolen base of home except it's musically the exact opposite of a stolen base of home.

      1. Target Field played that back in 2011 when a White Sock homered into the flowers on left. _elm_n got to the wall with plenty of time and just stood there. It was so snarky and awesome, and then they finally traded him within the week.

  2. 1. The Cinematic Orchestra “Flowers”* Ma Fleur
    2. So So Radio “If We Don't” Dustcovers
    3. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy* “Old Match” Singer's Grave A Sea of Tongues
        a. Ruby-crowned Kinglet “Song” (Cornell Essential Set)
    4. Horse Lords “Outer East” Hidden Cities
    5. Björk “I Miss You” Post

        b. Scarlet Tanager “Song” (Cornell Master Set)
        c. Wood Thrush “Song and Calls” (Cornell Master Set)
    6. The Solid Doctor “Dusk (Remastered)” How About Some More Ether: Collected Works 93-95
    7. Aaron Dilloway “Blue Velvet” Post Live at Coda Lounge*
    8. Whitney Houston “My Love Is Your Love” My Love Is Your Love
    9. Aphex Twin “Jynweythek”* Druqks
    T. Chatham RiseAutopilotChatham Rise
    E. Black Dice “S#!+house Drifter” Mr. Impossible

    B. Shannon StephensCatch the Morning LineShannon Stephens*

    1. Japan-only Bonus Track

    3. Oldham has a new album of Hag covers.

    7. "Crowd noise to me is one of the most psychedelic and disorienting sound there is… Much like the sound of water, busy diners and crowds of people speaking in a language I don’t understand is total abstract noise for me. I LOVE IT! There is nothing to follow and everything is constantly moving in infinite directions.
    This tape is a recording of my subliminal DJ set AFTER my recent set this past summer at CODA LUNGA in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Excerpted from two sets consisting of me playing one song on repeat for roughly 45 minutes each, so quietly that that it could barely be heard, but loud enough that the vibe of the song still very much created an atmosphere. Was fun to sit back and watch people as they realized they had been listening to the same thing over and over for almost an hour. Ultimate disorientation crowd sound with a grounding base of looped mellow night music tracks."

    9. Is Cornish like a crazier version of Welsh?

    B. This album has been the soundtrack of my week, for some reason. Anyone else ever listen to her? Sufjan fans? (She was on the same label and he played on this album. [Ignore the date at the link, that's the reissue.]) I'm amazed how such apt descriptions of mundane indecisons and doubt can be so confidently delivered. It feels so true and unwritten, unedited and raw (a sign of very good writing and editing?): being 20 in a new city. Nothing in this singer-songwriter vein has ever grabbed me the same way.

  3. Short ideas, probably >90% bad:
    Single: "Single" Everything But the Girl
    Triple: "Triple Sons and the One You Bury" Coil (Later called "Triple Suns")
    Home Run (home team): "Home" Depeche Mode
    Home Run (road team): "Shake It Off" Taylor Swift
    Walk (an ageing slugger): "Walk the Dinosaur" Was (Not Was)
    Walk: "Walk" Pantera
    Stolen Base: "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" (unknown internet artist)
    Caught Stealing: "Stop!" Jane's Addiction (just to play with the obvious one)
    Second pitching change in an inning (road team): "I'm Losing My Edge" LCD Soundsystem
    Rain delay (just one song): "Rain" Patty Griffin

    1. Besides the _elm_n snark above, my second favorite Target Field musical memory was when they played "How Do You Talk To An Angel" when Scioscia was pulling Hector Santiago in the first (or maybe second) inning of a start.

  4. When I was a mascot in Yakima, the booth would play "Torn Between Two Lovers" when the opposing manager came out to make a mid-inning pitching change.

  5. Home Run -- Knock It Out Of The Park, Sam and Dave, or In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins
    Walk -- Free Ride, Edgar Winter Group
    Intentional Walk -- too obvious? Walk This Way, Aerosmith
    Strikeout swinging -- Can't Touch This MC Hammer
    Strikeout looking -- Beat It, Michael Jackson
    Double Play -- Double Trouble, Otis Rush
    Delay because of streaker/animal on the field/other unusual -- Tired Of Waiting For You, The Kinks

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