Game 38. Twins hosting Royals.

It may be cloudy, a bit damp, and chilly but we got baseball tonight! (tomorrow is a maybe). The Twins salvaged a win out of the Rockies series and they are 5-5 in the last 10 game. But, still in first place!

Hector Santiago goes for the Twins.  He was not good against Cleveland hopefully that was just a blip and not a trend. Nate Karns pitches for the Royals. He has 10+ strikeout in his last two outings.


33 thoughts on “Game 38. Twins hosting Royals.”

  1. I wonder after Joe Mauer catches one of Miguel Sano's throws is there smoke coming out of his glove?

  2. Molitor trying to give them an out and Albuquerque can't take it. Goes to show locating pitches ain't easy

  3. I've said it before, I hope i'll say it many more times: Polanco is the kind of non-star but high-quality player that makes a team complete.

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