82 thoughts on “Game 50 in progress”

  1. I've seen one triple play live at a stadium. It was May 14 2006 against the White Sox. That was also a game where the Twins scored 7 in the first inning and still lost.

    1. I remember that game. Buehrle gave up 7 in the first and still got the win. Of coure, the Twins had given up 3 in the top of the first, so the lead was only 4 and the Twins never scored again. That was only a couple weeks before the Tony Batista era came to an end.

    1. So great! I'm going to show it to the jalapeño when he wakes up tomorrow. At the game last Friday, he asked if a team ever got more than one player out at a time, so I explained double plays and triple plays, though I told him it was extremely rare that a triple play would occur in the majors.

    2. Fun fact from b-r: "The Minnesota Twins are the only team to have turned two triple plays in one game. This occured on July 17, 1990 against the Boston Red Sox in a 1-0 win by the Red Sox. The triple plays occured in the 4th and 8th innings."

  2. Well, it was an entertaining game. I guess people can go to bed now assured that the Twins won't win this one now with the bullpen coming in, in a tie game. Although that Angels lineup really sucks, so you never know, but I'm not holding out much hope.

    1. I'm very happy to have been proven wrong. That was my evil plan from the beginning to announce that the Twins weren't going to win just so they would!

    1. Career .283 average, so hitting a single against a right-hander is the one thing you should be asking him to do. Just don't expect patience or power.

  3. Glynn really hung him out to dry there. Great effort by Polanco to get back to the bag.

    1. Good gamble with Revere in left. Probably couldn't stop Rosario anyways. It wouldn't have been the first time he ran through a stop sign. I wonder if Polanco was surprised to be stopped at third because he knew they would be running on Revere's arm.

  4. And how do you throw 3 fastballs in a row for strikes with the tying run at third and one out? Thank you! And thank you Ben Revere's wet noodle arm.

  5. Totally subjective, but Kintzler does not inspire a lot of confidence. Hasn't for much of his tenure in this role.

    1. Not much confidence but he's done a lot better than I think anyone would have expected. He rarely hurts himself with walks and I was glad that he came back to get Valbuena. He's not going to strike many out, but he usually keeps it on the ground, so the walks and home runs are pretty rare.

  6. Crawl on the FSN broadcast indicates the Nationals have released Twitchy from his minor league contract.

      1. I really do have to give Dazzle a lot of credit for that. He and Provus were having a complete unrelated discussion, one of those where you wonder how much attention they're really paying to the game, but as soon as the ball was hit he said, "Ground ball--should be three." Good job there.

  7. I just watched the highlights (I can't stay up late enough for west coast games on weekdays) and I noticed Sano using a different bat than he had been, Maybe there is something to my _elm_n theory...

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