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  1. You may recall that a month or so ago I mentioned an unconfirmed report that ex-Twin Vic Albury had passed away. I note that wikipedia now lists him as having passed on April 18. I still cannot find any obituary or any news report of his death, but with b-r.com and wikipedia both saying it, I assume it's true. He was sixty-nine.

  2. soooo, Baby J.

    He had a BABIP of .403 during May. Career BABIP is .340.

    We all know that streaks of luck happen. But is this luck?

    I know this topic came up recently here, so I am a little behind the curve....
    The May rise appears to be all about the line drives. For the season, he's hitting 565/565/826 on 46 line drives. Looks awesome, but b-r tells me that that is only a 78 sOPS+ split (way below the league average for the split). Am I reading that correctly, and, if so, should we take heart that this surge may well be sustainable? A third of his (balls in play) PA have ended in LDs this season, compared to 27 pct for his career, so....

    1. I think looking at the results of the line drives isn't as important as the process. What is the exit velocity and angles of the line drives? I recall seeing he was hitting them well.

      1. Not sure where/how to analyze answers to your questions.

        inspecting spray charts at fangraphs, it looks as though the success he is having on LDs is mostly coming from short ones landing in front of the LFer.

    2. I think the defensive shifts affect line drives more than anything else. If you look over the last 10 to 15 years, the batting average on line drives has steadily declined as defensive shifts have increased.

  3. Hey did you know that Sgt Peppers came out 50 years ago today? :o)

    Of course I'm on the record stating that I don't think it holds up very well some 50 years later, but I am totally on board acknowledging its huge cultural significance. Below is an interesting article on its impact. Also apparently on PBS this weekend is a documentary on the album's making. I will at least check that out too.


    1. I don't think it holds up very well some 50 years later, but I am totally on board acknowledging its huge cultural significance
      I feel the same way about pretty much their whole discography.

      1. It's sometimes hard to appreciate how exciting and different the Beatles' songs were, especially early on. We probably all think I Want To Hold Your Hand is this quaint little song, but when it was released in late 1963 it was like a shot gun blast. No one had ever heard something so thrilling on the radio. It was like hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time. The fact that we now take a song like for granted can be attributed to, yup... The Beatles.

  4. Randy Rosario is the newest face to the Twins bullpen (along with retread Alex Wimmers).
    From the Twins' website prospect list:

    The hope was that Rosario's stuff would play up in shorter stints out of the pen and that's exactly what happened. His fastball sat at 94-95 mph and frequently touched 96-97 mph. His slider remains an up-and-down pitch. At times, he'll show a really good one in the mid 80s, but at others, it will have inconsistent break. That should come in time and with more innings, something he missed a lot of because of the elbow injury.

    Rosario was really dominant in May, so hopefully that means he's figured out his slider.

  5. If anyone else had heard of the controversy about a new piece at the Sculpture Garden but didn't really understand it, the best info I've found on the Dakota perspective is here.

    1. Interesting.
      Growing up in Hutchinson rendered a different picture of the uprising and final outcome for Little Crow. Perhaps the European perspective is skewed, but the history I'm familiar with suggests a violent, though inadvertent run-in with a local farmer and his son was what ended his life - them not even knowing who he was when he was killed.

      What's been reported about what they did to the body in the following days suggests that softening the account to make the white residents look better ain't the case.

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