June 2, 2017: In Your Dreams

Twins played a pretty little game last night. You know, while you were sleeping. Hope you like late games because they're out on the west coast through the end of next weekend.

26 thoughts on “June 2, 2017: In Your Dreams”

  1. I turned on last night's game in time to see the Angels hit the go-ahead HR in the 8th. Bad timing. Turned it off.

    Then the baby woke up and since I was rocking her back to sleep I turned it back on at Polanco's at bat. Good timing.

    1. I had just finished watching the Warriors' dismantling of the Cavs (tape-delay) and switched to MLB Network to discover bonus coverage, beginning with the 7th inning.

    1. REALLY wanted to Memphis dry rub ribs from Texas Roadhouse for my first meal, but they don't open until 3:30; since it's National Doughnut Day we did Dunkin Donuts instead and got our free donuts

      1. I have never eaten at a Texas Roadhouse. Are you endorsing their ribs as respectable??

        1. Not that I don't like BBQ ribs, and I prefer Memphis dry rub, but theirs is (at least here) light on the sauce and tasty. Haven't been there a lot, but it came to mind when I was thinking of where to break my fast.

    1. there are parking lots in Cleveland Park???

      I lived for a summer in Cleveland Park, a block or so west of Connecticut, up the hill on Newark (I think). On the corner to the south was the Cleveland Park branch of the DC library and just around the corner to the north was Ireland's Four Provinces. Looks like the neighborhood has changed quite a bit in the (gulp!) 30 years since I left.

      1. I lived in Morgan Park for a summer but would head to Cleveland Park from time to time. Yes things have changed.

        1. Morgan Park? Is that in Adams Morgan?

          I remember when the Ethiopian restaurant thing seemed like it was just getting started in Adams Morgan. But it seems that it preceded my residence in the district by about a decade.

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