12 thoughts on “Late Nite Game: twins @ angels”

    1. His 30-game rolling wOBA is the highest it's been since 2013. It's at .406 now with the highest since 2013 a .404 on September 1 of last year. I'd be happier thinking that he might finally be back, as much as a 34-year-old can be, except this year he also had his lowest 30-game wOBA in the last eight years before his current high.

  1. I wonder if Pujols reaches 700. He's 37 and is clearly nearing the end, but he's also been healthy and still capable of hitting home runs. He has four years more on his contract and Thome played to 41 too.

    1. If healthy and decides to play through his contract, I bet he does. He finishes this year in the 615-620 range, then gets 20 a year.

  2. Albert Pujols is 13th all time in Total Bases. He is still roughly 1500 bases away from Hank Aaron. I think that record is safe.

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