35 thoughts on “2017 Game 60: Seattle Mariners vs. Minnesota Twins – DRAFT EDITION”

    1. I'm fine with it because, in all honesty, who knows? Even the so-called experts couldn't agree, and the draft is a pretty inexact science anyway. The only reasonable thing I can say about it is that we'll see.

      1. Escobar/Polanco is fine but it would be nice to get one of those hall of famer shortstops that's been all the rage lately.

    2. "My body just went numb," Lewis said during an interview with MLB Network. "It was an unbelievable feeling."

      Oh great, just great. He already has an undiagnosed neurological condition and he hasn't even been with the organization for a full day. Fire Bill Smith!!

    3. With the draft clock ticking down, reports suggested that Minnesota had whittled it down to two possibilities: Louisville two-way star Brendan McKay and Lewis. But McKay’s camp declined to take the bonus that Minnesota was offering him, according to MLB.com’s Jim Callis (via Twitter), leaving the team to move on.

    1. The thirdbaseman was playing a deep SS position. Mauer could have walked half way home and still make it back to third safely.

  1. I'm not sure the Twins can score more runs than the Twins are going to give up tonight. I'm not sure any team could.

  2. Since they're playing a west coast team, I'm just gonna pretend it's a road game and that I have to get to bed before it starts.

    1. Leach is 6-4 and throws 94 with "projectable" body, meaning he should add some velocity. Throws curve and change, although both at about same speed so will probably need to add slider/cutter/split for third speed. He is committed to Texas, so this might be where the Twins use money saved on Royce Lewis to sign a player above slot.

  3. My wife was at this game for a work thing. I stayed home, fed the kids, put 'em to bed, did dishes and two loads laundry, and turned this game off in the 6th (I think). That last part solidified that I had the better night.

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