Game 61: Seattle at Twins

Remember when we all clammored for the Twins to call up Kyle Gibson? Gibby was going to be the savior, the guy who was going to pick up Johan Santana's dusty mantle and become staff ace. Heck when he finally finally got called up, we called it Gibmas.

Anyway we don't feel that way anymore do we? He's pitched better of late but that's faint praise.

Gibby on the mound again on this steamy night. Let's hope more improvement is shown and we can remember those days when we were young and idealistic.

74 thoughts on “Game 61: Seattle at Twins”

  1. Bert warning about a bunt. If the Mariners bunted there, they'd have been the stupidest team ever.

  2. ROSARIO!!!

    Did the wind carry that one? Sure didn't look like it was going to be a homer

  3. You know, this is the second time Bert said "not a bad pitch" on a ball hit really well. Maybe it's just a bad pitcher?

    1. I'm a Gibson apologist. So much movement on his stuff. Never thought he would be an ace, he's got some filthy stuff though

      1. I am, obviously, the opposite. He sure doesn't seem to have any idea what to do with that movement.

          1. I'd be OK with trying the bullpen thing, he certainly can't be worse than the poo-poo platter they've got now.

              1. Looked to me he was working on stuff there against mlb batters. With that lead I'm okay with it. To me his 4 seam sinker and change don't look the same.

  4. Ace reliever in the game, but at first. Molitor figuring okay to lose the DH if it comes to that.

    1. Gibson getting a win and Duffey getting a save in a game like this would have been amazing and I am angry that the save part won't happen.

  5. Since position players pitch in blow out games, I wonder if some pitchers are itching to get some at bats from position players.

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