Games 65 & 66: clevelanders @ twins

Two years ago, Newbish was born. One day ago, I set up his first tee and watched him take his first swings with a baseball bat (some pop ups, and one solid line drive). It was even Probably Prince day yesterday (newbish loves Prince), so everything seems perfect.

Even more, this doubleheader means something. Depending on how the day goes, we could be one down, or three up. That's a big swing.

So why are they trotting Adam Wilk and Adalberto Mejia out there?

The easy answer is "you can't send Berrios and Santana out there every day", the alternate answer is that they really weren't supposed to be in this situation. The Twins were supposed to be fighting with the Royals for the division cellar. This was supposed to be a year to figure out if Mejia was a major league starter, not one where guys like Adam Wilk and Nik Turley are fighting for actual rotation spots on a potentially playoff bound team.

Ah, well. If the Twins are still in the lead after today, it will have been a good day. I won't be seeing g or hearing much of it, but Newbish and I will be hoping for good things.

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  1. Is this a true doubleheader, one ticket-two games or two separate games? I might head over to watch a little of both.

      1. If he's the emergency catcher, makes sense to get him work in silly situations. Don't want a Neifi Perez happening again.

    1. I'm actually pretty surprised at how little I feel like I want to watch a first place team. Shouldn't I care more?

        1. I'm almost kind of mad at the FO for providing the team a rather embarrassing bullpen (I don't recall much effort being put into it) because I should be more interested in watching this team with some of the young talent.

          1. I think Nibbish had it right. The Twins didn't expect to contend this season, so they didn't do the things you would do to try to build a contender. They considered this year to be about player development. I don't disagree with that, long-term, but it's frustrating right now.

            1. True enough. Maybe my annoyance should've directed at Molitor for running belisle out there.

  2. I rarely watch the Twins on TV, but whenever I do I'm amazed at how shallow the "analysis" from Dick and Bert is.

    1. You appear to be unfamiliar with how shallow "analysis" tends to be in all media, and in most of professional life. 馃槈

      1. There's truth to that, but Provus and Gladden, while they may not be the best around, are miles ahead of Dick and Bert.

      1. Yes, although Randy Rosario still remains the only minor leaguer in the Twins' Top 30 prospects (according to to have been called up (other than Mejia when he was recalled).

        1. I assume Berrios must have had too much MLB time to have been considered a "prospect", then.

      1. I think he already signed. If not, he's real close. Plus, he was considered a first-round talent by a lot of analysts that had a strong commitment to college, so that was why the Twins wanted to save money earlier.

        1. MLBT:

          Notably, they鈥檝e already struck a deal with third-rounder Blayne Enlow for $2MM, a little over $1.2MM more than the value of the No. 76 pick. The Lewis and Enlow deals, then, will essentially balance one another out.

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