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Game 71 – Twins at Cleveland

Here we are again, another big series against the Clevelanders. Lets hope for a better result than last weekend.

Meija goes for the Twins. He was ok his last start, but it was cut short because of rain. Trevor Bauer for the C's. He was pretty good against the Twins on Sunday.

The Twins beat writers all tweet that Miguel Sano has a sinus infection and can come off the bench if needed.


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      1. New plant; I haven't. Not as fond of this variety. My first one (Northblue) in its second year has already yielded a few weeks ago and has a much sweeter taste

        Edit: the webs say no to ash for berry plants

        1. We used to go over to Badoura State Forest for blueberries. Previous forest fires, etc. Lots of mosquitoes.

  1. Mejia reminds me of tennis player Jelena Dokic. She LOVED to play at the corners, so if she was off, she was just a disaster. I think Mejia is my next heart attack. I loved Jelena Dokic but almost couldn't stand to watch her.

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