Game 72: twins @ cleveland

Previously, on Twins Baseball...

Chief  Balfour: You're a loose cannon, Molitor! You can't put Mejia on the case. He's inconsistent as a damn one eyed owl!

Molitor: He's inconsistent, like a fox. I like the kid. I believe in him.

Balfour: Damn it, Molitor! If he walks five batters and this whole damned thing comes apart at the seams, don't come crying to me to save you. The wolves will come to the door, and I swear I'll let them huff and puff and blow your house down.

(nine innings later)

Balfour: you know, Molitor. Your kid is alright. What's your next move?

Molitor: I'm going to put Gibby in against Kluber. I love the match up.

Balfour: Damn it, Molitor, stop being such a wild card!

67 thoughts on “Game 72: twins @ cleveland”

  1. No Sano. No Rosario. No Kepler. Gimenez in the outfield. Gibson against Corey Kluber. On paper, we might as well forfeit. But as Kenny Mayne used to tell us (and maybe still does), they don't play the games on paper, they play them inside TV sets. It's baseball, so to quote Joaquin Andujar, youneverknow. Go Twins!

      1. Witness the top of the first: reached on (throwing) error, walk, double, pickoff error. 2-0 Twins.

  2. If the Indians make two errors every inning, I think the Twins have a good chance to win this game.

    1. Because Rosario is sick and Kepler hurt his foot. The other option for left was probably Joe Mauer.

  3. I really look forward to the day when balls and strikes are called by technology.

    1. They are really bad. I haven't been paying enough attention to see if Gibson is getting similar calls, but Kluber is getting a ridiculous zone. Kepler may very well be needed today.

  4. If the umpire is going to be terrible, he at least needs to be terrible both ways.

    1. I always thought Eric Gregg got kind of a bad rap for that game. Yes, his strike zone was very wide, but umpires had been calling those pitches strikes all year. It's just that the NBC cameras showed it unmistakably to the public in that game. I'm glad it's changed, but lots of umpires did what Gregg did that year.

  5. I don't know how much of what Dazzle is talking about is true and how much is Dazzle telling stories, but one of the great advantages of having balls and strikes called by technology will be that the technology won't care how long you've been in the league or what your reputation is.

      1. I kind of agree, mostly because they've got crap for other options. Duffey had been pretty good this year, but I think it might have a lot to do with the long relief role where he can let loose a little more. I'd worry he'd pitch worse as a starter (though he couldn't be as bad as some of the guys they've run out there)

        1. several minor league teams (in other organizations) that find themselves overstaffed initially will have one starter pitch 4/5 innings and the second one the following 4/5 innings in order to get them work. I think we have 2-3 pitchers that would maybe do well in that situation

  6. Twins career HR list

    11. Joe Mauer 134
    12. Jacque Jones 132
    13. Brian Dozier 130

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