26 thoughts on “June 27, 2017: Second Place Again”

  1. This is the first week TLO is off to daycare. She did a half-day yesterday while the PR worked from home. Full day today with me getting to pick her up.

  2. When on business trips in Omaha, there is one theater (sorry, not counting Filmstreams here) within distance of the hotel shuttle: the Marcus Midtown Cinema. It's a nice place to catch a movie and a (business-expensed) meal. Recently they purchase the Wehrenberg chain here in StL, which were also well liked. In the meantime, the Marcus rewards card I picked up here does not work with their online system with the Omaha theater. Looks like I'm not getting the rewards bonus for advance purchase for the $5 Tuesday Spiderman showing on 7/11, OR the waved convenience fee. Well, that's annoying.

    1. My cousin (not the one from The Matress Factory) worked at Film Streams two years ago; I'm not sure if she still works there now, but it was a nice place to see a movie.

  3. So, after the Indians score just 2 runs in a 3-game sweep by the Twins fall behind 9-2 to Cole Hamels and the Rangers and then come back and win? I guess we'll find out if there's such a thing as momentum in baseball.

      1. "Momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher." Earl Weaver, Tom Kelly, and probably many others as well.

    1. By Pythag, the Twins should have a .446 win percentage. If they have that win percentage the rest of the year, they would end up with 78 wins, which would be a 19-game improvement over last year.

    2. Shared your graph with my bro, he noticed that the orange graph doesn't match reality. Nine losses to start the season but they're scraping -5 on the chart. Or am I just reading this wrong?

      1. It's wins below above .500. A .500 team after nine games would be 4.5-4.5, so the 2016 team only gets a -4.5. The y-axis is poorly labeled.

      2. Looks like what sean has labeled as "Wins" is what I would think of as "games over .500" but divided by 2.

  4. So, my buddy is no longer department chair after 8 long years. Faculty and staff pitched in to get him our common dream, a pig box as a thank you gift.

    Mmmmm, pig candy!

    1. My wife dropped her smartphone and broke it. She's borrowing Junior's phone until we can replace hers. She discovered that he can't receive MMS texts because it was never configured correctly for our carrier. She called the company to get some help on configuring it. The guy tried helping her for a while before finally declaring that the phone wasn't made to get MMS texts. She told me that and I called BS. I said it sounded like the guy didn't know what he was talking about. I suggested she do a Google search to get instructions. It took her about 30 seconds to figure out what was wrong and fix it.

      1. I'm known as a person in the office that can fix problems, be them computer, phone, or what have you (even our office manager/"IT guy" frequently comes to me for assistance). I'm praised for my knowledge and skills, for which I smile politely and thank them as I minimize my Google search window.

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