Game 76: Minnesota @ Boston

Wide-eyed Rookie v. Reigning Cy Young Award winner


Mejia v. Porcello.

Let's hope last night's defensive lapses and poor decision-making on the base paths were simply an aberration due to the wet conditions and localized lightning strikes.

Let's hope the bullpen continues to pitch well competently.

Let's also hope that the boys bring their bats and see the early-June 2017 (5.00 ERA) Porcello because last night, they sorta made Drew Pomeranz look like circa-2016 Porcello.

Finally, let's also hope that the young "core" of Polanco, Kepler & Sanó can get their mojo back, who after good-to-great months of April & May are respectively slashing .231/.273/.308, .217/.244/.349 and .239/.309/.466 for June.

21 thoughts on “Game 76: Minnesota @ Boston”

    1. I think he will. He's still pretty young, and not everyone can be Jose Berrios. In the meantime, I'll take 5.2 innings and no runs from him any time.

    1. I think he's said "pitch count" at least 15 times since I turned the game on.

          1. I say this once a year I know... but turn down the sound and listening to music is the way to go. Handsome Family playing now.

  1. I missed all of this game so far because we had tickets to the Mallards game tonight. Turns out that, when they are predicting potential severe weather, it's likely to happen. So I got soaking wet because we only had one umbrella. On a positive note, I found out our old shoe rack does, indeed, fit in the new dryer.

    1. Mauer ties Rich Becker on the all time Twins steals list with 51. Cuddy and Marty Cordova are next with 52 steals

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