June 30, 2017: We’ll Get ‘Er Next Time

It's the Milkmaid's birthday today, though by circumstance I won't see her all day (or tomorrow; I head to the cabin with the rest of the family either very late Saturday or Sunday morning).

30 thoughts on “June 30, 2017: We’ll Get ‘Er Next Time”

  1. I love how coworkers start spinning plates on sticks and then take a 5-day weekend and leave those of us still working to have to take up the slack plus deal with the inane questions that they were supposed to be handling.

      1. I cam here to say pretty much the same thing. W.T.F.???

        I'm not a huge fan of Lowry either. He wants max money and is a score-first PG who is mediocre (at best) defensively. While he's an adequate 3pt shooter, seems like this team was better suited for Ricky! than for someone like Lowry.

        1. My initial reaction was very much disappointment in this trade. However, if they get Kyle Lowry, I would be very pleased. Lowry had 11.2 VORP combined the past 2 years. Rubio had 4.0. Lowry had 21.7 win shares and Rubio had 11.9. I really like watched Rubio run the offense, but if they can add another All-Star like Lowry to Butler, KAT and Wiggins, then WOW!

    1. They have been dangling him out there for well over a year. I am guessing this is the best they could get. If the additional cap space yields a point guard who fits Thibs system better and we sign more depth, I will be ok with it. I will miss Rubio, but obviously he and Thibs did not see eye to eye. I would rather have the coach, than the player. Whatever they do in free agency, there will now be an enormous amount of pressure on the coach to win now.

      1. Yea, I don't understand why he wouldn't fit Thibs' system well. He's a strong defender and a highly willing passer. His weakness is shooting, not defense or effort.

    2. Guess I'm a Utah fan now.

      Scuttlebutt sez they're signing Jeff fuckingTeague for 20 million a year. Or 6 million more than Ricky makes. I just hate this move.

      1. Co-sign on your disapprobation. There is a reason Atlanta let Teague move on after the Hawks had a great 2015-16 2014-15 regular season.

      2. Yeah, Teague would not be an improvement. At best, he provided the same overall production (almost identical VORP and Teague had slightly better win shares) the past 2 seasons and Teague would be more expensive and 2 years older.

      3. And OKC gets George so the pick will be around 25.

        Ricky and $4 mil for Teague and 25th pick in '18. Not a big fan.

      1. while they are going after Millsap, why not pursue Korver, Al Horford, and Demarre Carroll too? Let's put the 2014-15 Hawks band back together!

  2. Driving up to Nisswa, and someone has taught the Valet naughty language. He has said

    'Spoiler' SelectShow

    at least 100 times already.

      1. It's hard to feign disappointment and much worse is said by us in front of him, but hearing it hundreds of times in a row deserved a response.

        1. Remarkable how universal and/or inherent the desire to find and say such words is for little ones. Kids are funny.

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