Happy Birthday–June 4

Tim Murnane (1851)
Tony Venzon (1915)
Billy Hunter (1928)
John McNamara (1932)
Phil Linz (1939)
Terry Kennedy (1956)
Tony Pena (1957)
Kurt Stillwell (1965)
Scott Servais (1967)
Rick Wilkins (1967)
Darin Erstad (1974)
J. C. Romero (1976)

 Tim Murnane had a long and varied career in baseball, but is best remembered as a sportswriter in Boston.

Tony Venzon was a National League umpire from 1957-71.

John McNamara managed six different major league clubs, going to the World Series with Boston in 1986.

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Happy Birthday–June 3

Don Osborn (1908)
Jim Gentile (1934)
Steve Dalkowski (1939)
Duane Josephson (1942)
Ron Keller (1943)
Jim Dwyer (1950)
Ed Glynn (1953)
Barry Lyons (1960)
Steve Lyons (1960)
Nelson Liriano (1964)
Carl Everett (1971)
Bryan Rekar (1972)
Jose Molina (1975)
Travis Hafner (1977)

Don Osborn won 201 games in the minors.  He later was a minor league manager, pitching coach, and scout.

Some old-timers say Steve Dalkowski had the fastest fastball ever.  He struck out 1,396 batters in 995 minor league innings.  However, he also walked 1,354, which is why he never made the majors.

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Game 51. Twins at Anaheim

The Angels mind as well be called the Twins of the West. FIVE former Twins are on the roster: Ben Revere, Shane Robinson, Ricky Nolasco, Alex Meyer, and Delios Guerra. And you know what, there is not a lot of hand wringing and blog columns upset over not having those players. Ok, maybe Alex Meyer because the Twins have no pitching right now.  There will be no "David Ortiz should still be a Twin" column for any of those players.

Kyle "Im surprised he is still a Twin and not with the Angels" Gibson on the mound for the locals,  JC "not Romero" Ramirez for the Angels.