6 thoughts on “FMD 7-14-17: Camp”

  1. 1. Gene Autry “Red River Valley” The Western Collection
    2. Zola Jesus “Run Me Out” Versions
        a. Common Raven “'Kow' calls” (Cornell Master Set)
    3. Fovea Hex “Brisance, My Baby” Here Is Where We Used to Sing
    4. The Bug feat. Ricky Ranking and Aya “Too Much Pain” London Zoo
    5. Aaron Dilloway “Side B” The Beauty Bath

    6. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “Door of My Heart” Blue Lotus Feet
    7. Hirotuki Sawano “Guren No Yumiya (Music Box Version)” Attack on Titan
    8. New Kingdom “Unicorns Were Horses (Lumberjack Mix)” Unicorns Were Horses
        b. Varied Thrush “Song” (Dan Gibson's 'Wildlife Identification by Sound')
        c. Alder Flycatcher “1-note calls”* (Cornell Master Set)
    9. Solid Doctor “Crystalline Existences” How About Some More Ether: Collected Works 93-95
        d. Common Pauraque “'Pur-weeow' calls” (Cornell Master Set)
    T. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall” Best Troubador*

    Bonus. Ke$ha “Praying”* Rainbow

        c. Sounds like a contraction of their "Free Beer" song: "Freer"
    T. An album of Merle Haggard covers.
    Bonus. Listen to the spoken-word intro. I'm so reminded of Dylan Carlson on Jan St. Werner's "Scene" tracks (last heard on the WGOM summer mix 2017, track 19 or 67:45).

      1. I don't understand the reference? Did they go to school there or something?
        I see they're now locals (I didn't even know).


    01. “Got My Mojo Working” – Muddy WatersAt Newport 1960
    02. “Atrophy” – The AntlersHospice
    03. “All The Critics Love U In New York” – Prince1999
    04. “To All The Girls” – Beastie BoysPaul’s Boutique
    05. “Don’t Wanna Lose” – Ex HexRips
    06. “VCR” – The xx – xx
    07. “Ballerina” – Van MorrisonAstral Weeks
    08. “Breathe” – Holly HerndonMovement
    09. “I Will” – MitskiBury Me At Makeout Creek
    10. “S’cooled” – Blood OrangeCoastal Grooves


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