21 thoughts on “July 14, 2017: Spanky-Pants”

  1. The edition of Minor Details covering Wednesday's games is now up. If all goes according to plan, we will have posts covering yesterday's and today's games up tomorrow.

    I can tell you that Bartolo Colon pitched 3.2 innings for Rochester. He threw 76 pitches, 50 for strikes. However, he gave up four runs on four hits and two walks. He did get five strikeouts. He didn't get rocked, but it looks like when they did hit the ball, they hit it hard. All four hits were for extra bases. He gave up a run in the first on back-to-back doubles, gave up a solo home run in the third, and allowed two runs in the fourth on two walks and a double.

  2. The basement is now available over IPv6. You should not notice any difference, but routes sometimes differ between v4 and v6.

  3. One of my highlights of working out at lunch at the Y is finding my 87-year old "track-mate" walking laps. I ran a few laps myself, then walked several alongside him and let him throw out a few stories before I had to get back to work. Heck, might be a highlight for him, too, for all I know.

    1. Last time I did cardiac rehab I got in the habit of grabbing the machine next to an old Navy vet. He was in his 80 and had 17 stents, mostly cardiac, but a few in his legs, and man did he have stories to tell. He was also a history buff like me, so we shared a lot of book and movie recommendations. I've often wondered what became of him, that was more than two years ago now.

  4. Anyone here in need of a crib? It served Uncle Walt's 4 kids quite nicely and has been great for the peperoncino, but I'm finally going to buy the kid a real bed this weekend.

      1. We were fortunate (foresight ... I can't recall) to purchase a crib that is convertible into a toddler 'daybed' and then (eventually) into head & footboards for a twin bed. We may not get that far ... considering a bunk bed instead.
        Agreed on the footstool.

        1. We did the same, although with the size of the rooms here in sort of dreading the conversion to the twin bed. (I'd dread it a bit less if my son was capable of cleaning his room)

  5. We got an offer on our house last week and after some back and forth, we accepted their counteroffer. The inspection was today and... they didn't want anything fixed. This really surprised both of us. First, because [redacted], second because this is the time where you can easily get concessions from the sellers. Nothing. So, house is sold pending their loan is approved. We hope it's not a big if.

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