Game 90: twins @ astros

Well, our welcome to the second half of the baseball season didn't go so well. Let's try this again.

The Twins get a rough draw to open up the second half, facing the devastating Astros, the always dangerous Yankees, and the team with the actual best record in baseball (the Dodgers) in rapid succession. If we're still even talking about wild cards and playoffs after July 26th, then either this stretch of games will have been a huge success, or Cleveland's will have been an unmitigated disaster.

Tonight, the Twins send All Star Ervin Santana out against Joe Musgrave. Santana had a solid start the last time he faced Houston, but then again, his ERA since that start has been 5.19, so who knows? The Twins are going to need a good start from him.

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  1. If I'd rooted for Houston when Castro was there, I'd have constantly been calling him "Castro the Astro".

  2. I haven't had the opportunity to complain about the stoopid MLB blackout rules yet this season. I'd forgotten that I'm in both the rangers and Houston market because NOLA's such a baseball town. Get off my lawn.

  3. Well, they keep telling us that players like Granite need to hit the ball on the ground...

      1. Max Kepler says that J.D. is full of turds....

        Thanks for the link as that was an excellent read.

      1. finishing the evening with a bomber of this.

        Mildly interesting. Initial hit of blackberry aroma, but the rest of it is kind of a middle-of-the-road double IPA. Not too hoppy, not sweet. Slight bitter edge on the finish.

        1. I'm generally not into the double, triple, X4 ipas as I've found that the over sugar'd flavor profile is in front of the bitterness provided by the hops, but the adjective animal is pretty awesome. I'll also wake up with a head ache...

          Happy birthday, by the way.

          1. much appreciated, Printer.

            Yea, I'm sliding away from hopheadedness and the double/triple/XX thing in my advancing age. Although I did very much enjoy a Pliny the Elder a few weeks ago....

    1. Ok, I caught up with the thread and saw the ten-day for Buxton.

      Sombrero for Mauer tonight. Maybe he needed another day on the DL.

  4. I'm really digging the radio crew. When Sano snagged that rocket in the 4th(?) the description went something to the effect of "and Sano climbs a stepladder and catches a true Sano cone". Yeah, so much better than it has been.

      1. It's been so long since I listened to the radio feed that I can't really speak to how Dizz does these days, but Provus is a delight to listen to. I haven't actually heard a game this season called by the TV crew that featured Bert.

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